Weird site issues

I've been diabetic for... oh sheesh, almost 20 years now, and on a pump for the last 11 of that. I've been through the super long 45 degree cannulas, the 90s, the inserters, and everything in between and never had any issues beyond the "normal" ones (bleeders, kinked cannulas, etc.). About 4 years ago, my endo had me switch insertion areas due to scar tissue, and I started using my hips, upper butt/back, and occasionally thighs. Last November, I had a few things coincide- changes in a medication, a new pump, different sites, and got engaged! However, since then, sites have been really touchy. Inserting them stings, but isn't unbearable, but trying to get insulin through is a nightmare! I've had several sites in a row where I can feel the basals going in, and bolusing more than a unit at a time has me curling up in the fetal position. I talked with the endo and the pump trainer in the area, and they had me try a few different sites (I'm on the Animas, so the different angles, putting it in by hand v. with the inserters, and what not). Nothing helped. In the last month I've switched back to my abdomen, but every site was bloody. I read on here about people trying the inch or two below their ribs, and it seems to help a little, but I'm on the skinny/petite side of life, so there's not much space there.

Has anyone else had issues with majorly painful sites for months in a row? Did you find something that helped? I found that putting them in my back and/or butt didn't hurt AS much, but that I got really poor absorption. At this point, the just under the ribs thing is working, but I've got about 4-6 rotations tops there before I need a new area.

Strange! Have you talked to your doctor about this!? If a site hurts, I usually pull it out and it's kinked - maybe those areas are causing the cannula to bend? Do you use QuickSets or a metal cannula?

Sites on my rear end and thighs don't absorb well and hurt.  Because it helps to have more sites, I still use them but take extra insulin to make up for the highs.  Do you ever use your arms?

Updates: I have talked to the endo, and all she can suggest is new site placements. No improvement. I tried switching back to minimed (was on Animas Ping) to see if the slower delivery helped. It helped some, but still a lot more painful than it used to be. This week I have a sample of silhouettes coming in to see if the angled sites help (since it's not as deep). I've tried arms once, but got the tubing caught on everything and haven't gone back (which is odd since that's the ONLY place I'd do shots for years). At this point, the endo says that I don't have any major scar tissue areas, but that if I can't find better placement for sites, all she can suggest is switching back to shots for awhile to let anything and everything else completely heal. rawr!