Welcome Back Gina

I hope you had a wonderful time in spain !!!

Spain??!! >gasp< JEALOUS!
Hope you had a great time, Gina, but we’re glad to have you back

Hiiii Everyone,

Yes I am back but...barely! I  am exhausted!!!

Did you bring us back presents or at least a Post Card???

ummmm.... I brought you back ME! LOL

Which is a great gift don't get me wrong. But no Post Card??? Shucks!

Lol!! I will jusst have to go back then!

There is no harm with multiple trips to Spain. Do you have any stories you can share at least? Any travel related issues or anything like that?

Actually no crazy problems with the big d at all! my blood sugars were running like I was cured! Maybe I need to go live in spain to have better blood sugars!