Welcome to the TypeOneNation Community Forum! Excuse our dust!

Welcome to the TypeOneNation Community Forum! Excuse our dust!

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This website is difficult for me to navigate. Is it my dinosaur ways with technology, or have others the same experience?


It is awkwardly difficult


@rarebookdealer @sneathbupp

hi sorry to hear you guys are having difficulties. anything in particular?

the board was re-designed to look like a news feed from the popular social network sites. at the very top left there is a “Tab” called “Forum” when you click on it, it brings you to a view that sorts whatever the community is talking about. you can use the top bar to change “categories” such as if you just want to see conversations with “Technology” or you can hit one of the general buttons “latest” “Top” or “Categories” to change the way the new activity is displayed.

then all topics are in a list and you can browse down to read and participate,

hope you can provide some feedback if you care to.



Wearing a Dexcom 5 with and Omnipod System
I am looking for members who wear the above and can comment on their experience and results. I am getting ready to order a Dexcom 5 and wondering if having yet again one more beep and device to deal with is going to drive me insane !

All comments are greatly appreciated !!

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If you want to avoid “more Beeps” when using both a CGM and a pump, you should concentrate on pumps that integrate both functions.

your CURRENT choices are limited to Medtronic and Tandem. The Tandem T-Slim x2 integrates with the Dexcom G5 [watch for the new t-slim and G6 arriving this summer - maybe].
Medtronic has several pumps models, going back about about 10 years to the Rebel that integrate with various Medtronic CGM.

Hey im Austin Williams im 20 years old im using dexcom and i love iT to Death THE Omnipod never worked for me due to iT never tells you when your out of intuin witch iT Will let you bolus and iT Will not givwe you Any insulin then you blood sugar is high i just switchend to THE medtronic 670 pump and i wish i had iT 2 years AGo iTS amazing


Hello. My son Gunner (2 yo) wears the Omnipod and Dexcom 5. It’s a great system, if you’re BG is under control. Because he’s 2, it’s very difficult for us to manage his BG. But, at the same time, having a system in place that warns us of highs/lows, instead of having to wake up every couple hours to check BG levels is amazing, and let’s my wife and I sleep more

Hi there, I am 17 years old and am looking for a new insulin pump. I was looking into the omnipod and was wondering how your son likes it and if it is easy to use?

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Hello Kate. Gunner is only two years old, so, to say he likes the Omnipod would be inaccurate. Having it attached to him is ok, as he doesn’t seem to notice most of the time. He only notices it when he bumps it, when we change it out (of course), or when it starts peeling off after a day or so. Other than that, we find that it’s a wonderful machine, as it helps deliver insulin without the need for syringes. He’s had the pod since June 2017, and we’ve only had 4 instances where the pod failed and we had to replace quickly. Other than hat, no real issues.

My 16 year old son is using CGM/Dexcom 5 and Omnipod together for a month now, it’s going very well, he plays hockey and has helped us control lows and highs better.

I’m wearing the 5 and use pods. The cgm has helped me understand how long it takes for a newly applied pod to really start working. Yes, there are more “bells and whistles “ with which to cope; however, it has really helped lower my a1c and regain sensation to low blood sugar.

As an older T1, I find it difficult to read items printed in grayscale. Hope you’ll consider using black print. I just turned 75, I am hoping that the diabetes community will look at the difficulties of living with T1 during the aging process as well as the very young. Thanks for the opportunity to bring up the subject. When I reach the point where I can’t read my pump, I hope there will be products to assist.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Nancy @NancyP you ARE still young - at least a year younger than I.
I’m with you on the “gray scale” for reading and when I worked with the group redesigning this site that was one of the points I strongly enforced. Gray scale and colored backgrounds can be especially difficult for PWD as many of us have yellow-green color blindness.
I have attended demonstrations of app lumps and CGM devices and I always bring them into different lighting conditions to see how well I can read them; also, especially GM, to listen to different sounds and volume.
The pump I can see best is the Tandem t-Slim.

My spouse has diabetes and sometimes I find it difficult with all the ups and downs. He has this for 34 yrs now. I suggested classes so we could get updated on dealing with it but he refused to go.

Dear Penny,

I am sorry to hear about your challenges with your husband. It seems like you want the very best for him, but he is not so sure of the benefits of getting help. Both of you probably understand that bad blood glucose management affects your mood, so maybe that is a vicious cycle that he is in, which is difficult to get out of.

I am a Diabetic Lifestyle Coach who has T1D for 20 years. I found ways to thrive with diabetes, and I am now able to do things that I never thought were possible even before I got diagnosed.

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Prevention Protocol :smile: t is exciting that the protocol to test the levels of Vitamin D and inflammation in aab+ people has been approved! The Poseidon study at the DRI was also just approved! We are announcing and getting started at the Friends for Life conference in Orlando this week. For those who can’t be here, the test kits are available by mail - the questionnaire is done quarterly as are the blood spot test kits - just a finger poke! Help us provide education and awareness regarding Vit D levels and inflammation and receive great feedback! If newly diagnosed, the DRI now has approval to move forward with high dose Vit D and O-3 - but this is not done by mail, you would need to travel to Miami quarterly.

That is amazing !! My baby girl is 2(yo) and I was really skeptical of putting at meter on her for readings. I am to the point of lack of sleep. With your experience, pros and cons? Her next appointment I will be requesting it. Just wanted a little insight to this whole thing, still a fairly new diagnosis.

Carmen, being skeptical is, of course, natural. My wife and I are still very new to T1, and we don’t know it all, and never will. The both of us were, and are, very accepting of new technologies that help us control Gunners BG. The Dexcom is an amazing system, for both us, and Gunner. There are many pros to the Dexcom.

  1. We rest better at night knowing we will be warned of highs/lows
  2. No more pricking every couple
    Hours, especially at night. That’s very draining on an individual, especially the patient.
  3. We don’t have to worry about his activity, because we will know when he’s low, and needs a boost to keep him going.
  4. The ability to know through our smartphones, what his BG is at, is AMAZING!!! As long as his host (iPad generally) is near him, we can know, at a glance, what his BG is. Which makes date nights for my Sabrina and I much easier.
    Now, here are few pros we’ve come across.
  5. Gunner does NOT like the devices (Omnipod, Dexcom) on him. He frequently tears them off, or picks at them. The sensors for the Dexcom do fail from time to time, as new technology isn’t perfect.
  6. The Dexcom isn’t spot on with his counts all the time. We’ve found that at some points, it’s well off. The worst we’ve seen so far was 104 points off.
    We are in the process of getting the Dexcom G6 for Gunner, which will make our lives that much easier. We do recommend that you do your research and find out if these systems are what you want. There are others out there that you may find more to your liking.

Thank you Tom!
kind of off topic, what are some of the things you feed your 2 (yo). I am running out of ideas and I try to keep my baby girls diet with minimal crabs. It has been a struggle. Suggestions ?