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There really isn’t anything off the table for Gunner. Thanks to modern medicine, and new technology, T1 isn’t what it was years ago. We feed Gunner whatever he wants (within reason), and, as long as we count his carbs, and adjust for his bolus, we keep his BG within range. Being a 2 y.o., we don’t let him drink sugary drinks (I.e. sodas, or Juicy Juice) and he doesn’t get a lot of sugar snacks either. Mostly, he wears Goldfish, and Fruit Snacks (Puppy Dog Pals, Mickey and the Roadster Racers, etc, etc). He eats regular meals with us, unless he’s having a 2 y.o. Tantrum. Anyhoo, it’s just about letting him be normal and experiencing life like anyone else.

Tandem works with dexcom. It’s the only one I’ve had, but that kind of set up is going places.

Thank you. Looking forward to using this forum for my daughter who has type 1 diabetes.

I’m new to forums and i don’t know how to ask a question to all members?

@Bobmac hi Bob, at the top right corner there is a purple button that reads

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hit the button and type your question. it’s a little less clumsy if you are on a computer or tablet… it’s a little weird on a phone…

welcome to Type One Nation

Thank you for your help.

I would like to find a lifestyle coach in co. Know of any?

I am a mother of a type 1 in Austin TX. I am looking for someone also using the g6 dexcom near by.

I don’t know how long I’ll be up here I may just cancel my account. I’ve been in a very bad place lately and I was told to join a support group with people that are dealing with and going through what I am, but yet I make a post needing some help and just some advice, but yet my post is going ignored and people have posted after me and are getting support and acknowledgement. It seems pointless to me.

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hi @Lilly_Harrison Lilly, I hope you reconsider - this site isn’t as active as some social media where some 100 million people are posting every second… sometimes it takes a little bit to get feedback. The big thing we all have in common is type 1, so just know that dealing with it is something we all share. hope you get feedback soon.

It would be great if it was a bit easier to look for specific topics…here are some suggestions:
Prevention Studies
Artificial Pancreas sustems (cgm and pumps)


The prevention field study of Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D is still enrolling and based upon feedback from the scientific community, we have added an A1c test and are looking into a non-invasive urine analysis for C-peptide. Thanks to all who have enrolled! To enroll, go to www.grassrootshealth.net/t1d. The survey takes about 15 minutes and then you get a kit in the mail with instructions for the finger poke. After a couple of weeks, you get info on your vitamin D3 status and your AA/EPA ratio and measure of inflammation (crp) and now we have added a1c.

Oops… actually .net…they are non-profit so I keep accidentally saying dot org…

Just signed up for my baby girl Alejandra (2 yo).

I think my brother has a meter that reads out his numbers. I’m sorry I don’t know for sure. You could ask your dr.

Hi Lilly, sorry to hear you’re in a bad place. I’ve definitely been there often. I read the book Diabetes Burnout and that helped, mostly just by making me aware of how common it is so I didn’t feel so alone. Have you had your Vit D level checked recently. Mine runs low so at first I took 20k units a day to normalize then went to 10-15k daily for maintenance. Helped immensely when I lived in rainy Portland OR. I got the vit D advice from Portlanders before I moved there. Having daily vigorous exercise and good BS also helps, I’m sure you already know that but a reminder now and then gets my focus back where it needs to be. You are not alone. Reach out to me if you want. Take care and remember ATTITUDE is everything, even when life sucks just try. Hugs

I think it’s hard to understand to.

Hello everyone, Looking forward to meet you all and share stories, hope, love. :heart:

Hi Krystal @Althea5, Welcome to TypeOneNation Forum.
I hope you find support here from others whose lives are affected by diabetes and that you offer your support and frequently post here.

@PoisonJay Welcome Joe to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you and your daughter will find this place informative - we each are different and have many ways to manage diabetes effectively - and pick up a few good tips. Please visit often and let us know how Alejandra is getting along.

As you know, ‘it ain’t easy’ but there isn’t any reason that Diabetes should slow down or interfere with Alejandro from enjoying a wonderful life - I’ve been learning how to care for my diabetes for 63 years and I’ve been able to do whatever I’ve wanted to do.