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hi @Elle123 and welcome to TypeOneNation. sorry you are having troubles maybe if you reply what’s going on for you, maybe we can help?

Thank you. Excuse me for this very stupid question. I’m technologically terrible. How do I create a post and how do I find any post on type 1 diabetes and covid-19 experience. Like how have diabetic been doing if they’ve been diagnosed. Symptoms, management, have they had to be hospitalized, experiences with the medical establishment. Then I have another question and that is I live in a state where they are saying diabetics, elderly and other people with disabilities are put at the back of the line for care and rationing and even before there was rationing disabled people are getting discriminated against by doctors telling them to sign do not resuscitate for instance. When seeking care. So I want to know if other states are dealing with this and if there is any group anywhere nationally and state to state that is trying to help the vulnerable get care legally allowed to them under the Americans with Disabilities Act in even in accordance with the Trump Administration civil rights office saying that we should not be put at the back of the line. Particularly horrific if it’s a lot of the healthy younger people spreading disease and then getting access to care at our expense and sacrifice. And then the third question is is there any group anywhere that is trying to get emergency use access to non-invasive glucose monitors that are available to diabetics in other countries. Why is there no advocacy. Who can help us. If they can authorize use of medicines that are not proven why can’t they authorize access for us to actual equipment that’s being used elsewhere. Even if it was an accurate we could have something to measure patterns potentially and do it at your own risk just like people are taking medicines at their own risk for covid-19. So these are the three areas but I don’t know how to find if there are topics on them already and how to get answers

Hi @Elle123. None of this is stupid. First there is a purple button called new topic. That’s the same as new post. You can search all posts using the magnifying glass at the top of the page. Please be aware that the forum is non professional and is a user self help group so all of the posts are opinions of people with the common problem of type 1.

I have heard of several type 1s getting and recovering from covid. Not so much here but on another self help forum.

I have only heard the first phase is front line medical workers and then in New Jersey, anyone in assisted living. I have never heard anything about specifically putting an at risk population such as the disabled at the back. As far as I know and in my opinion, that hasn’t been said in NJ.

I’m on my phone so I can’t see your other questions but I hope this at least helps get you started. Cheers.

Thank you. I will check. Good to hear type 1s are not universally requiring hospitalization. It sounds like if they are severe then outcomes are very negative but not all type ones are severe. I’ll double check then thank you

Hi Elle @Elle123 A person with TypeOneDiabetes, autoimmune diabetes, who has relatively good diabetes management and who is not obese, has virtually the same chance of being infected with COVID as the general population. Recovery is also similar from what I’ve heard.

As far as receiving the vaccine, here in Florida, after hospital workers and EMS received their first injection, the general population over 65 began getting injections until supply ran out. I’m hoping to get my reservation for vaccine on Monday when the on-line registration site for my county reopens.

You’ve probably heard the term “False News”… That term applies to tons of junk posted on the internet about diabetes; chose carefully what you read about diabetes. Some “safe” places to get reliable information about diabetes are"