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Cheryl @cheryldbrown77 , the idiosyncrasy I mentioned was listed in my last sentence - at times an “automatic correction bolus” appeared too high to me, driving my BGL lower than I wanted. It didn’t cause an over-treatment bolus because I was correcting lows with 4 grams of carb.

I presume that you mean that one cannot back out of the CC [Change Cartridge] functions - yes you can, unless you have already confirmed - by a second action - that you want to load a new cartridge. I suggest that you take a little more time and not try rushing through functions. Yes, it happens - on two occasions I made the mistake you apparently made, once when I wanted to check “fill tubing” when I suspected I wasn’t actually getting insulin.

9/22/22 Is JDRF Blog still active?? If so how do you post new question?

hi @cheryldbrown77 Maybe I can help but I need some information. do you have a link to the blog? do you mean this forum? are you on a PC or a mobile?

if you mean this forum, there is a button you press

please see below

it is on the “landing page” when you open the Type One Nation website… and you should be good to go.

Thanks so much. On my PC there’s a purple button upper right that says Open Draft. Same palace as New Topic on yours. Not sure why it’s different but I’m assuming it’s same function. Will try posting a message w/open draft. Thanks again.

I had an open draft. Removed it and now New Topic appears. Thanks.

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