Welcoming myself back!

Hello Everyone,


Let me tell you why I am here! I used too have an old account from an old email address to this website. It helped me out alot. Get myself into checking my BS more than 1 time a month or so. It helped me get from a A1C of 13, not being able to stand for very long because my legs would swell up too the point where I couldn't wear any shoes. If I didn't have the love of my family, a great doctor, and this website I might not be walking today, or even worse.

My wife and I were cleaning out our house the other day and we found pictures of my hospital stay from around that time. Couldn't believe how much hair I had back then! The more scary part of the picture was that I was barely 110 pounds. I was all skin and bones. My endo had told me that I needed too do something or I would be in and out of the hosiptal for the rest of my life and be dead by the time my kids were in high school. Now I don't have any kids but the news hit home.

While going through the internet one day I stumbled across here, and like what I saw. So I got on here and decided that I would try and check on here everyday and see what people had questions about and if I could get any help or give any help I would. I probably came too the site reguarly for 6 months or so. I eventually got my A1C down to about a 7.5 which was a big deal for me. Between Juvenation and my insulin pump I had came very far from the 13. Ofcourse when I heard this I kind of backed off a bit, and then a bit more, and then I was completly gone. Went back 6 months later (I had skipped a couple of appointments) and they drew my A1c and it was above 10 again. Now I have it at about a 9.5 but I know I need to get it lower. I have alot of family support around me, but not alot of places where I can go and just vent about my BS being as bad tempermental as my cats when I don't feed them on the cats scheldule.

That is where this site comes into play. I want too come somewhere I know people are going to understand when you don't hardly eat anything and your BS is 250 or you can't get your BS above 75 for anything. So I would like to thank Gina and all of the other people who put alot of time and energy into this website! Your work is truly helpful and again I would like to thank anyone who has put work into this website.

I have made three goals that I hope I can reach by the next time they draw my A1c.

1. Have a full set of readings for atleast a month before I go.

2. Have my A1c somewhere in the 8's!

3. Wear my sensor all the time. I know this one sounds easy but as I'm sure anyone with a sensor is aware it's not as easy as it sounds!

Anyways thanks too everyone for reading this, didn't mean for it too be so long! Thanks for reading.

Hi Josh! I too had come back to this site after taking a break from really paying attention to my health and blood sugars. Diabetes is a full time job that I bumped down to temp work for a while. It's great that you have set yourself reasonable and obtainable goals. I really should do that myself. Welcome back and good luck on reaching your goals!



Thank you! Julia.


Good luck too you also.

Love seeing that Hawkeye ;o) Welcome back, Josh.