Well i thought it was funny,,,

so i just changed my infustion set cuz my BG was super high and the site had a lil blood around it, and when i injected the needle i gasped and my boyfriend asked if i was alright and i said "no, i'm a diabetic"  i though it was funny...then again i'm high right now.   you be the judge

Okay...so since this is a current thread...I'm going to tell a story. I am currently on an insulin pump with tubing, and I was when this happened. So I was standing around with some good friends, and one of them walks by, her purse hooking to my pump line. I gasped loudly and made a sound like I was in severe and strange pain. She went chalk white. I told her I was just kidding...I thought she was going to murder me on the spot. But I wouldn't recommend doing that with anyone else but a very close, calm, sedate friend with a sense of humor. By the way, she thought it was funny as well.

FYI, I thought both of your stories were funny. We all seem to get sick and twisted with our jokes at times.

As it should be, Brian! Got to keep it "interesante," as I tell my Spanish instructor when she asks why we moved seats :)