Went to bed at 120 and wakes up at 400

This has happened a couple times in the past week. Other than a site problem what could cause this? I can only imagine a site problem.


When did you change your site?  If you changed it right before bed then it may have been the problem, but otherwise probably not.

If you ate a high carb or fat meal then it may not have hit your system until hours after you went to bed and will make you high in the morning.

As I've gotten older I've noticed that dinner doesn't digest as fast as other meals.  Even if it's low carb I often do a square wave bolus and test before going to bed to see if I need to take a little more.

You may want to wake up at 2am and 4am and test to see if your basal is accurate.  Sometimes when I have a.m. highs that's the case.

If you snore loudly you might also get checked for sleep apnea.  It causes you to stop breathing in the middle of the night and realeases cortisol (stress hormone) that increases glucose levels in the blood.

could also be an overnight low, sometimes a low at night can cause a rebound... called "somogyi".  good luck

If it's not anything you're eating before bed and no site problem, you may need your basal rate changed. Happened to me a few times, not as high as 400 but would spike through the night so my endo changed my basal rates and now, no spiking :) ask ur endo to check it out

My endo told me that there is something called the early morning phenominon. Where for whatever reason your bs spikes in the early morning hours. U just need your basal rate changed for that time in the morning