Went to wedding without insulin

Not mine!

I wonder if any of yall have a similar experience to what I had last weekend.

I was out of town to go to my niece’s wedding. Usually when I go anywhere I take my fanny pack with has all my stuff in it. This time since I was wearing a suit so I decided to just put my insulin and couple of syringes and snack in my pocket. We boarded a shuttle bus to the wedding 30 minutes away.

On the way I thought I’d check to make sure I brought the right kind. I found that I had only brought the empty box. I thought of riding the shuttle bus back and taking a lyft back, but then I’d miss the wedding. My BS was 190 a few hours after lunch.

I decided to roll with it and see if I could make until the shuttle bus picked us up at 9 pm (it was 4 pm). I was watching it closely with my G5. It fell a little to around 175… Then it was time for dinner. They had fajitas so I ate only meat. No tortillas, no beans, no rice, only meat. My BS held steady.

Finally the 9 pm shuttle took me back to hotel and I ended up at 205 after all that.

Have any of yall had similar experiences and if so, how did you handle it?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, @DDrumminMan, how do we spell PANIC!!!

No, that has never happened to me when going to a big event like a wedding where I’d be expected to be enjoying the celebratory feast. I feel for you and can only imagine how you were feeling - other than anxious.

In the past, I have forgotten to bring insulin to work, or realized when away that there wasn’t as much insulin in my pen or pump to get me through the entire day.

Ohhhh s”””t yes I got on an airplane for a 3 day trip and I only had 60 units in my pump (1+ day supply) I ate zero carb and made my available insulin last the entire trip

Awesome job @DDrumminMan.

DDrumminMan! I’m impressed. I’ve run out of insulin early using a pump that was way lower on its supply than I thought. A long-planned dinner-with-friends was still ahead and i had been far away from home all day and busy with no chance to return unless I just blew it all off. So I kinda did what u did - went with a low/no carb meal and stretched the remaining insulin. Meal-salad with chicken. I had no serious highs, or lows. I was worried but it worked. Granted, your 205 ain’t good, but surely not bad, especially under the circumstances.

Yes, I have actually! I was probably two years into being diagnosed and we were going to an engagement BBQ party two hours away. I was on insulin pens with no CGM, so I always carried my supplies around with me in a makeup looking bag. We were in a hurry to leave and my blood sugar had been in the 200s, so I wasn’t worried about taking any correction. I figured it would come down on its own by dinner and I was already feeling hungry! Two hours later, we arrive, and dinner is ready. Hungry as I am, I go to reach into my bag to nothing there. Panicked I searched the car and then that’s when I remembered leaving it on the bar at the house. I was so devastated cause not only could I not check to see where my blood sugar was at, but I also couldn’t eat a single thing! My parents were disappointed with me cause, well you know, I forgot the most important thing that controlled my life. Oh, but don’t worry, I remembered my phone! It sucked and we ended up only getting to stay for an hour and a half instead of the whole three hours with friends and family. I felt bad because we traveled all that way and I didn’t have what I needed most. My Mom suggested a few bites of meat with crackers and a cheese ball wouldn’t hurt. I can’t remember what my blood sugar was when we returned home, but I know my Dad wasn’t too happy with me! So in that case, I felt your panic and pain. I’m ready for the artificial pancreas to become readily available, so I don’t have to worry about forgetting my insulin again!

I have forgotten to bring my insulin to work 3 times over the last 8 years. One time I was able to head home for it and make it back during my lunch break with just enough time to inhale my pb&j before I had to go back to work. The other two times I just got through the day on string cheese and peanuts. It was frustrating but I knew I’d live. When I was 24 I had an internship at a wildlife rehabilitation center where I had no time for breaks for blood sugar checks or insulin or anything. I’d eat a granola bar and take some insulin at 6:45 am and then usually I didn’t have time to check my blood sugar, eat, or take any insulin again until 8:30 pm. Sometimes my boss’ husband took pity on me and brought hot cocoa or doughnut holes to the clinic, which I would eat on the go - insulin or no - because my option was usually that or starve. Often I’d go a full 14 hours without eating at all. It’s a miracle I survived those 6 months. My blood sugar was always low when I woke up and high the rest of the time and I lost 20 lbs on a diet of doughnuts and granola bars. But now I know if I could survive that I can probably survive leaving my insulin at home for a day.

Hannah, I’m a little disappointed in your parents reaction to you forgetting your insulin. They should be more understanding and supportive of you. My family and even some of my friends always have my back and sometimes are more concerned about my diabetes than I am.

@Jonalan0323 My Dad is more on me about forgetting my insulin stuff than my Mom is. They are equally supportive though, but I’m sure it was frustrating for them to find out I wouldn’t be able to eat. With this being so long ago, I have learned to always OCD check my supply carrier before I leave, as well as, make sure I have more than enough snacks.