What A Great Place!

Greetings All,

I am copying and pasting from my profile page, so please forgive my redundancy. I just found this site and love having a pleasant place to go to for more information. Here's what I wrote, previously:

My name is Rick. "Pessimistic," "Bland," and "Lawn Gnome-ish" are words that rarely describe me. I try my best to be a source of positive energy wherever I go.

I have earned a living as a theater host, advertising copywriter and, currently, started my very own character-building business (giving speeches & seminars, authoring a book, etc.) I maintain a healthy desire to please by performing regularly as a professional improvisational comedian.

I was a recent high school graduate when I was diagnosed with Type 1, in 1992. I'll never forget the period of time. My mother couldn't believe I had Diabetes. She wanted me to get a 2nd opinion after my initial diagnosis. After confirming the results at the 2nd doctor, I'll never forget sitting in the car with her and crying. She was crying because of what she knew about Diabetes ("He's going to go blind and lose his legs"). I was crying because of how upset it made her. I was actually OK with being diagnosed, but I couldn't stand that it made her so upset. I do remember telling her, "Mom, I'll take care of myself so you don't have to worry about those things." Little did I know taking care of myself would be a challenge (a welcome challenge, but a challenge none-the-less). Thank goodness for the technologies, research and advancements Type 1s have received (and will continue to receive). Today, my mother is much more at ease with my "non-conformity".

My super-powers include wiggling my ears, 80's music trivia and voice characterizations.

I look forward to meeting, sharing and spreading cheer with all of you.

And, as Roger Decker said to me in 5th grade, when passing back a paper from the teacher, with the biggest, cheesiest grin on his face, "Enjoy your stay!"

Welcome Rick! I enjoyed reading your post - it was a bright spot in my day!