What annoys you the most?

In school or just in general what annoys you the most about being diabetic? for me its when im taking a test and my pump starts vibrating!!! Its so aggravating! If ya got something that annoys you, put it here!

I'm not the one with diabetes, my son is, but I can say one thing that annoys me is how people who know nothing about the disease act like it's a cold or something.  My son was having issues with the school and having access to his meds.  They had the nerve to tell me and his father "we have never had a problem with any other child and taking medication like this".  IT'S NOT A COLD!! IT'S NOT COUGH MEDICINE.  IT'S HIS LIFE!

I cannot stand when people who don't have diabetes think they know more about how to handle it then you.  Ugggghhh!  They have no idea what it's like.  It's not like solving some simple math equation.  There are a host of psychological issues that go along with having it along with the innumerable amount of things that effect your blood sugar.

I wish I could make them diabetic for a day so they can see what it's really like. 

I have that same issue with my son's school. They have never dealt with diabetes in a school setting yet they do everything in their power to keep the parents out of the loop regarding our son's care AND they have the nerve to demand that we grant the school doctor the right to dictate to our son's Endocrinologist what he feels is the right diabetes management care for our son during school and if we don't comply they will refuse to grant a 504 plan and if our Endorcrinologist refuses to accept the school doctor's diabetes plan then the school will take the Endocrinologist to court so a JUDGE can decide. Yes, this is the terrible ordeal we have been having with our school and we just do not understand why.


I have filed a "due process" hearing with the state.

I just recently heard about the 504 plan and am still researching it.  I had to call the local chapter of JDRF because the school kept his meds and test kit locked up, which I understand, but were making him wait to get to it when he needed it.  They told him one day "when I get off the phone, I'll help you, otherwise, you're going to have to wait".  He ended up one day having to get a office assistant, which was another student, get his stuff for him which resulted in him and her getting in trouble.  AND, here's my favorite, his snacks we keep for him at school, the office staff had been eating!!!!

I had a college professor that tried to tell me that I had to disconnect my pump before I took  my midterm because "no electronic devices were allowed during testing."  I told him that would be perfectly fine but when I passed out to please go through my cell phone until he found my doctor's phone number so that he could ask her what to do.  Needless to say, I was allowed to keep my pump on during the test!

Wow-this happened to me in middle school in 1982--I thought things would have gotten better!  So sorry to hear you are going through this!

The thing that annoys me the most is when you tell someone who doesnt have diabetes that you aren't feeling well because of your bloodsugar, and they say awe i know how you feel, but the thing is that they don't have diabetes so they don't understand and they deffinatly don't know how i am feeling.

Where to start? Kidding, mostly, but there are so many things that I think are annoying, specifically because I don't know many people with diabetes, so I'm more of a loner with my friends :)
What annoys me the most is when my friends watch over my shoulder when I test or ask, "Is that bad?" Really, it feels like it's my business and that they shouldn't be asking. Of course, I know it's because they care, but sometimes questions hinder more than the help even if they're just looking out for me.
I also dislike when
people make jokes about diabetics/diabetes not knowing I'm right behind them. Of course it's just another thing for them to poke fun at and it's nothing personal, I'd just rather they were more careful about what they said, especially when they don't know what they're talking about.

i would have kicked his butt!!!!

when teachers offer you sugar free candy instead of what the rest of the class gets and then you have to convince them that you know what you CAN eat and not THEM!!!  this happened to me this year with my spanish teacher who said (after i begged him to give me the starburst) that he hoped he wouldn't receive a call from my mother! 

haha oh my gosh..this happened to me my junior year of high school, my English teacher was handing out lollipops and came up to me put the bag down, ran to her desk and handed me a sugar free caramel candy..i was so embarrassed.

ugh..i know how you feel. i honestly test myself in private because I always feel that people are looking over my should, especially my mom. and im right behind you, i do not know anyone with diabetes and it feels like your all alone and have nobody to talk to about it. and what annoys me the most is when i dont feel good one day and i know its because of my sugars being wack and people just dont get it!!!

What drives me up the wall is when people see my pump in my pocket and they ask, "Is that a pager? What is it like 1985?" I just look at them blankly and either nod my head or say just say "I'm a diabetic, you have a problem with it?" I know that they don't know any better because it isn't often that they do see an insulin pump. Mine is just to big to hide like the smaller ones. I need a new pump!!! :)

what bugs me the most is the uncertainty. see, i baffle even my doctor. i do all the right things, have strict control and my last a1c was 6.7. great right? ya, alot of work went into that. and even though i do everything right (i even call my doctor atleast 1 a week) my body does things on its own. i eat and take insulin, im high. i eat and dont take insulin, im low. for 5 straight days i was high. i raised my lantus 4 units in total. then, one day (without changing anything!) i was 47....then low 4 more times before bed. and now ive been low 3 times each day for three days now. let me just tell you, ive tried a pump. was on it for a year, but im allergic to the canulas they use, so i just hadto use a straight needle. and that hurts ALOT whenever you bump it. anytime i adjusted my shirt, or stoodup/ sat down, i winced in pain. sooooo....thats really annoying :) and ive talked to three doctors. none of them know whats going on. we've been through hormones, illness, bad insulin, everything. but no theorys have held up.

What bugs my son the most in school is when he has to excuse himself to check his blood. He feels he isn't normal and wishes to hide and test.

What annoys me most is when teachers act like they know more about the disease then I do. More then one time I have had teachers try to hold me back from getting quick sugar because my blood sugar was low. I actually told one teacher that she could make the phone call to my parents and explain why I went into a seizure. 

what makes me mad is i was in the hospital for 3 days (mainly because when i got there my bs was 745, and i had a large amount of ketones...) and then i got home on sunday, went to school on monday, and the next day, my math teacher was handing out ice cream, i said "no" and all my friends where like "WHAT DID YOU SAY??? YOU LOVE ICE CREAM!!!"  i just said i gave it up for lent... ha ha its not even lent yet its amazing how clueless people are, and the reason i didnt just flat out say, i have diabetes is because most people at my school at jerks

Telling all the teachers at the beginning of the year, then you have to listen to them sympathize and ask what they can do... it's annoying to me. =/

Also when kids are like, "You have diabetes!? How do you live?! I hate shots! blah blah blah!"

Tis annoying...

Teehee, I get asked about the pager thing all the time! It's pretty funny.  That, and I carry my page..erm, pump, in the front of my bra, and when it beeps, a friend of mine who has no internal editor says, whether we're in a work meeting or at a public luncheon, "Your boobs are beeping!" Oh, dear.  (I have to just act like it doesn't embarass me or she'll keep saying it to anyone who will listen.)  She is very sweet, though, despite her poor choice of phrases.