What are some good songs?

What's your favorite song?? I'm looking to add songs to my ipod. :)

my "favorite" song is dreamer by ozzy osborne. but i have loads of bands that i listen to endlessly :D

"I"m a dreammmerr, I dream my life away!!!"

<3 Ozzy

Girl Talk's new album "All Day"

Rammstein - Feuer Frei!

I listened to dreamer  on youtube. Not bad :)

I recently added Train to my ipod.....Hey Soul Sista....and If It's Love.....good tunes!!!!  Drops of Jupiter.....:)

Train is awesome. It depends on the sound you are looking for. I stumbled upon bands such as Run Kid Run and the Ready Set. Both are pretty awesome and have more or less lively beats. I mean if you want classic rock, I am always a fan of Elton John, more old stuff than new, but that isn't to horrible.

Have a nice day by Bon Jovi.

My current favorite band is "Dawes"  so that is who I am always listening to lately (well for the last year).  They are new only one album out, but coming out with another in April.  They are from LA.  I just saw them live at the independant in San Francisco and it kicked butt.  They are so good.  Rock/Americana type music if you like that. 

Anything by Weezer or Everclear.........Love both these bands!

"Rokstarr" by Taio Cruz is a fave of mine. Also, have you eve seen Cirque de Soleil? You can get their music on itunes, and it's really good!

Anything by Coheed and Cambria is really good. Some of their more popular songs include "A Favor House Atlantic", "Feathers", and "The Suffering". "Three Evils (Embodied in Love and Shadow)" and "The End Complete II: Radio Bye Bye" are also really good.

Arctic Monkeys' newest CD, Suck it and See, is awesome.

The Killers are good- most people agree that their best CD is Hot Fuss.

If you're into slightly screamy music, you might like Chiodos (their CD Bone Palace Ballet), D.R.U.G.S., Isles and Glaciers, and Dance Gavin Dance. **The first 3 screamy bands mentioned have the same singer :)

I don't know, I saw C&C open for Soundgarden a couple of weeks ago.  They were ok, I wasn't that impressed, almost like a homeless man's Dream Theater.  And then, of course, their bass player got arrested for d.r.u.g.s. in Massachusetts a couple of days later.

Just about anything by Michael Buble is awesome! Hold Me by Jaime Grace, Blessing by Laura Story. I'm also a country girl so... Rodney Atkins (especially  Still Cleaning This Gun), Josh Turner (Why Don't We Just Dance and Would You Go With Me), and Brad Paisley.

Butterfly Kisses is a favorite of my dad's and mine. I Loved Her First, My Little Girl, Cinderella (Stephen Curtis Chapman)....

What kinda music do you like mostly?

i love the song Lucky,  by Jason Maraz and Colbie C. its my song dedicated to my boyfriend. its really sweet<3333

Disturbed... pick one

I really love Iris by the GooGoo Dolls, and Swing Life Away by Rise against.

When I come around is a good song too, I liked it so much that I've been trying to learn to play it on the guitar... My fingers still hurt.

I am a big fan of lady gaga so I probably would say just dance or bad romance. I also lovethe gorillaz they have some really good songs like dare!!!;)

I adore Eminem so any song by him is a good one :)

  • heres one or a few for just about every type of music i like:
  • Eminem-Space bound
  • Bad meets evil- fastlane
  • nicki minaj ft. eminem- roman's revenge
  • mac miller-life aint easy, knock knock
  • spose- i'm awesome


  • Rise against-any song realllyy
  • Senses Fail-Garden State,Martini Kiss,Rum is for drinking not for burning,Choke on This, NJ falls into the atlantic, and the irony of dying on your birthday
  • Fall Out Boy-Nobody puts baby in the corner,sophmore slump or comeback of the year, a little less 16 candles a little more touch me, get busy living or get busy dying
  • Mayday Parade-champagne's for celebrating, ocean and atlantic, walk on water or drown, dear maria count me in, black cat
  • Blink 182- adam's song, the party song, first date, girl at the rock show, all the small things, dammit, feeling this, i miss you, i miss you


  • Billy Joel - piano man
  • bob marley- get up stand up, buffalo soldier
  • journey-don't stop believin


  • Benny Benassi-cinema (skillrex remix), satisfaction
  • kernkraft 400-zombie nation remix
  • lmfao-party rock anthem, sexy and i know it


  • dropkick murphys-finnegans wake,wild rover,amazing grace




hero by skillet is an awesome song