What are your goals/new years resolutions related to diabetes?

Hey everyone I think a good way to cope with the fears of complications associated with diabetes is to set goals and objectives related to it. I was wondering what all of your goals/resolutions are related to diabetes. Mine are as follows:

The main goal: Get my A1C below or at 6.5
The objectives: count carbs more accurately by looking the nutritional content up before eating it (rather than guessing)

                       limit carb intake in each sitting to below 70 grams (I find I go high if I eat more than this, or at least the insulin to carb ratio becomes more complex)

                       Try to follow the canadian food guide more stricly (i.e. 10 servings of fruits and veggies per day, etc)

                       Limit caffeine consumption (it makes things awry each time, and since I don't habitually drink it, when I do it makes things weird)

                      Exercise regularly, incorporating more cardio into my routine.

                      Use/find stress reducing mechanisms regularly to keep the mind healthy (which definitely makes managing sugars easier)

                     .. I think that's it for the time being, I'll probably add more in later.  



My diabetes control has been ALL OVER the place the past couple of months and my mood as well as, I'm sure, my kidneys, are starting to feel a little strained. I'm trying to start off on the right foot for 2009 by reaching out and building a support network. Lack of support has really been my downfall, as whenever I feel overwhelmed, I just pretend I don't have diabetes, which isn't working out too well. Plus, I really want to get on a pump with a CGMS. I think that would be a huge help, as a big problem for me when I have good control is lows - I had two within four hours this morning, for example. I just want to work on the two things for now.

That sounds like a good idea. Support networks are always helpful eh. Do you just have to find if your insurance company will cover the pump & cgm? I use CGM's like once every two months and they are pretty helpful. Did you want to be constantly wearing a CGM? I know what u mean with the constant lows, I experience the same thing sometimes. 

Happy 2009: What will you do to this year to cure diabetes?

My New Year's resolution: advance a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

The great thing about another year coming around is that it reminds us to set new goals to achieve for the next 365 days. Reachable goals. Personal goals. Big, hairy, audacious goals.

There's a lot of promising research out there that I need to support. My two pet projects for this year will be to: 1.)  push for expanded trials of the artificial pancreas in 2010 and 2.) have us collectively raise $1 Million somehow on juvenation.org

These are big goals, and I can't do it alone. Do you have equally BIG resolutions for 2009? Are yo willing to help me achieve mine?

What can I do to help?

Thanks Dylan. I have a feeling there are MANY of us that want to take an active role in finding a cure in 2009.

I think we should start up a group or discussion thread in the forums section about this "Resolution 2009." We should alert all our friends on juvenation, then have the entire community suggest ideas to raise the money.

I know my insurance will cover some of it, and that's all I need. I'd pay for it all by myself if I needed to. I'm pretty sure my recent diabetes mismanagement has caused some havoc in my kidneys (it has before, and I narrowly missed permanent damage), so I can't afford to waste any more time being a bad diabetic, haha.

You aren't a bad diabetic, there is no such thing. You are human. Having diabetes can be depressing causing you to get off track, thats all. You have to just figure out what will work best for you to get back on track and things will just fall into place after that. Trust me I know first hand probably most of the people on this website can relate.

So first thing you should start off this year is saying you AREN'T A BAD DIABETIC. lets not use that term ever again! haha

Haha, thanks for that. I needed to hear it. =)

Sounds like a good idea Red, I think a key is to motivate people to participate in the existing fundraisers like the walk and ride. 

Well I understand wanting to use a cgm right away then, I find they really do give useful data. I really can't wait for a non-invasive, long lasting cgm to be developed. Do you plan to wear them constantly, or only at certain times? 

I don't know yet! I'd love to wear one all the time, but I doubt it would be cost-effective and it would probably interfere with sports, etc. I'll wait until I talk to my doctor before I make a final verdict!

Yea I see, I guess it would acually get annoying wearing one constantly. Although I did read in the technology forum, there are a few companies trying to make a CGM that is non invasive and sits on your arm like a strap would to carry your ipod while you run. Pretty cool. Apparently they are a couple years from perfecting it for sale. 

Tight control has always caused me more lows and at times I relapse into keeping my blood sugar higher so I don't get the lows which make me feel like just plain scared and pathetic. The CGM has helped. I keep the low setting at 85 so it warns me when I am going down and then I can suspend the pump, treat the low, and get back to "normal". I have noticed that after meal blood sugars cause the high alarm to sound off which can be frustrating but now I set it to 240 and keep it on vibrate (buzzing and beeping in meetings at work it can get embarassing). Not all meals cause a spike and that has been educational. What I did find out is that spaghetti when it is not whole grain spikes my blood sugar and so does the Tomato soup at Cosi.

Red, I like your thoughts about spreading awareness!

Now, to go off topic, jcl, were you told to suspend your pump during lows?  What's your basal, if I may ask?  Just curious, since my basal is .9 (and .95 for a couple of hours), and my nurse told me not to suspend, so your post got me curious...

I think this year, I am going to try and be more supportive of my local JDRF chapter, also be willing to talk to those who are having their own issues and share my own story. Plus I am hoping to be more openly active in general with diabetes awareness, since I have 13 or so years of work to make up on not doing anything.

Ah that sounds like a good plan, I think getting involved in diabetes fundraising can be therapeutic 

Not only therapeutic, but it will give me a chance to "meet" other people. I know few people who are diabetics, which is partially because of my own denial for so long. It would be good to meet others and also be able to help those around me.

This past year had I not done the JDRF Walk for the first time, I would not have been so open with my friends and co-workers at the school about being a diabetic. But this openess has given me a chance to help and talk to the son of one of my teachers who was diagnosed over the Thanksgiving Break. It is amazing how these random things we think we are doing can impact others and I really be there to help them.