What are your low glucose symptoms?

When i drop low i shake and get really pale... but lately i get both of those plus i feel like sitting dowm and sleeping and i hear this buzzing noise in my ears... is it just me or do u guys get this to?

I am already really pale, but people tell me I do get paler, if that's possible.  I also get really really really hot and really hungry.  Sometimes if it's really low, I will get shaky too.  Like you, recently I started getting tired (like sudden complete exhaustion where I have to sit down).  That didn't used to happen to me, so maybe it's because I'm getting older?

Ya i have those symptoms too just not as offten but the new tired one and buzzing is weird and i always wonder if its just me..

I definitley get shakey and weak-feeling.  My motor skills tend to go right out the window, as well.

Yaaaaa me tooo kim! IM glad to know someone has some of the sam symptoms as me :)

One of my favorite ways to describe the "hungry" part of a low comes from someone I went to diabetes camp with, waaaay long ago.  She said she got low while grocery shoppingonce , so she opened the loaf of bread she was buying, and thought she'd just eat the first piece.  Well, a few minutes later, the whole loaf was gone, and she didn't even realize she'd eaten the whole thing.  Heh!  I can totally relate to that, too!  It's like your tummy becomes a bottomless pit.

I find it hard to think straight, get the shackes, vague or this far off feeling and just feel off in general.

48.6 after breakfast this morning while at work...what fun...bloody thing!

i get pale i shake and get light headed and sometimes i hilucinate (i kinda like it cuz its cool lol)

SOOOO dizzy, irritable, and very weak. I'm usually not that hungry when I'm actually low but when I'm about 70 I'm absolutely starving

When I get really, really low (think 50's) I also get heart palpiltations.  Those are fun.

I feel ya guys all! Thanks for the comments.. i now know im not alone!!

The main ones I've faced are shakey, cold sweats, hunger, and a tightening in my stomach.  I've experienced disorientation, blurred and spotty vision, and disassociation before as well. 

I get the shakes, cold sweats, my vison has a polished look almost a glow to it, I get confused, tired, cranky, whiney.

Happy Vegan,

I get those symptoms too. I wonder if its just me hearing that buzzing when im low...

Sometimes my husband tells me that I yell when my sugar is low, but I can't really tell that I am yelling. So my hearing is affected sometimes just in a different way.

Ya my mom tells me that too! And i never even think im yelling.... so ya i guess hearing does get affected and its prolly different for each one of us :)

i stutter and shake and fell realllly out of it. like if i touch something it feels weird

Ya i get all tingly feeling... well idk that tingly is the right word.. its kinda unexplainable lol

i sweat a lot, i sometimes get an attitude and become mouthy towards people around me, i become really tired and feel weak, oh, and i salivate. i have just started noticing that i do that when i drop or start to drop.

I get pale, break out into a cold sweat and shake a lot.  Also, I get this metallic taste in the back of my mouth.  It is so gross.  Depending on how big the swing was, I agree on the can't stop eating.  I apparently get a lazy tongue sometimes where it feels like I am talking in slow motion and can't get the words out.