What camps are thee best?

I haven't  been to any camps but I will go to some in 2009! Which camps are cool?

Camp Nejeda is the bomb!

Camp Sweeney, Gainesville, TX.  best EVER.  i went there for 12 years until i graduated last year... http://www.campsweeney.org/

if you can give me camps around Chula Vista that would be great, because I don't think my mom would let me go out of the state.

definitely camp conrad chinnock!

it's in the san bernadino mountains sooo it's in your state!

the website is www.dys.org if you want to check it out, and you really should[:

camp needle point/day point all the way!!!!


Camp Sweeney!!!!!!! iS The BEST THERE IS!!

camp conrad chinnock for sureee! its so fun you will have a blast. ive been going for 9 years and i cant imagine not going anymore(:

Camp Sweeney in Gainesville, Texas is an awesome camp.  Even when we moved out of state, we still sent him there.  Our son who was diagnosed in May of 2000 has been going for over 7 years and will be a counselor in training this summer.  The camp is very educational as well as fun and you make friends for life.

Camp Kudzu in Georgia Rocks!  www.campkudzu.org

total bias, I've only been to 1 diabetes camp Hamwi... I could probably list every diabetes camp out there and they would all be the best!

My little sister and I both went to the Clara Barton camp in Massachusetts. There were kids from all over the country there! I did a hiking trip in NH (I was 16 at the time) and my sister did the 2 week overnight camp in MA (she went a few times from 10 to 14 I believe). No matter where you go I hope you have fun!!

HEY! yea your right!!! CAMP KUDZU totally ROCKS! its my favorite place in the whole world!


If you live in California I would suggest Bearskin Meadow Camp in Kings Canyon National Park.  I never attended there as a camper, but I'm a counselor there now and it's changed my life! It's put on by the Diabetic Youth Foundation.


Hope this helps! Good luck!


camp sweeney!  gainesville, TX.  best 11 summers of my life.  campsweeney.org

Hey,  i saw ur post asking which camps are cool and i just started goin to one like last summer and its called triangle D. you should really look at it its sooo much fun! The people are nice and the camp has so much fun activities! You would really like it!

hoped my reply helped!

HAHHAHAHAH justin, thank you for suggesting mine as an answer bahahah<3

…or if you live in CA try camp conrad-chinnock
the best there is!(:

ive been going to a camp in sc for 4 years calleed camp adam fisher and its the coolest