What cgm do you recommend and why?

Hi all
My four year old is type one. We use insulin pens and finger pricks & she’s totally fine and happy with both. We have been also using the freestyle libre which she also likes.
Considering getting on the waiting list for a cgm to use in the future…
Please do recommend a model and why?
Not looking at moving to the pump so don’t recommend one that works with the pump.
Thanks heaps

Hey, I am a really big fan of the Dexcom G6 for these reasons
• you never have to do a finger prick with the G6 model
• it gives me blood sugar reading every 5 minutes
• it last up to 10 days
• it is very nice at night because I tend to go low and it gives alarms for low and urgent low
• there is also a thing called “share” on it and you can share your blood sugar with up to 10 people so my mom can see my blood sugar 24/7


Yes, Dexcom G6 is the best. Especially with Basal IQ. You can sleep all night!


I used a Deacon G4 for years and it was solidly reliable and accurate. After experimenting, I found I could get by with two calibrations each day. I do not find that to be true of the Medtronic unit I have now.

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