What color are you?

Doing some research onto. The internet is a mix of yes and no's on the subject. Some say it's possible with creams and keeping out of the sun, others say it is all makeup.

Here's a site I found though... Weird.

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you can't bleach your skin, can you? weird.


I saw a Tyra Banks Show episode all about African American women who bleach their skin to be lighter. One lady even does it to her children. They use a beauty product that's meant to be used on blemishes and dark spots on the skin.

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Here's a site I found though... Weird.



i click on the link and a pair of saggy boobs show up on the main page. thanks for the nightmares, bpq.

But did they have freckle on them?? I know it is a very weird opening page, but it has the info you wanted to know on the page.

And it is a clean page. So Pat and Joe I would not think you are going to find anything that great on it.


girl i met the other week had some cute freckles.

LIME GREEN!!!!!!  And if I had to pick a second, it would be aqua.  =)  My eyes are green and I love that fact  :P

i would be a mixture of pink and purple - - - pink cuz its my favorite color and purple cuz its justin bieber's favorite color!!!!! haha

Ide be myself. I love my pail skin though i hate the sunburns that seem to come with it -.-  I'll just color my hair for color next time i do colored streek they will be purple.

Im a mix of scottish, irish,swedish and a bunch of other things.

If I could be any color in the world I would be Safety Green! Then lime neon green. :)

id be (as i use to call it as a child) lellow!!!! YELLOW!!!

um...idk prolly like neon blue thtd be SAH-WEET!!!!