What Could Companies Do To Make Diabetes Easier?

When my daughter first came home from the hospital.We had this dark meter with this black case.What's with the black case ? It was something little to complain about,but I felt it was gloomy.Since then we get meters that are in bright pretty colors...but they have the same black case....out comes everything,again.We won't use the black case. :)   So if a company is watching Juv. to see what we say...ha :)

Meme - Check out myabetic:


There aren't a whole lot of options yet, but the butterfly one is totally adorable for litlte girls.

Brandan's first meter was an Accu-Chek Aviva and it came with a bright green, orange and blue case and stickers to put on the face of the meter. This was the "kid's kit" that the children's hospital provided to all the newly diagnosed. We have a different meter now, but we still use the case because the OneTouch meter case is black and too wide. I still use the Accu-Chek Multi Clix lancet device and when I called for a replacement cap I asked about ordering a new case and I was sent one free of charge. :)

hi Kim , Cute one :)  but she is a teen now,growing up on me,ha :)  I like that link ! I am showing it to her....and I was looking over things there and saw where it said--people with diabetes are just that : people who happen to also have diabetes. then it gave a book title--'There are No Diabetics "....I might like to read that .....Now to my wish list to companies.I know this will never happen because each meter makes money on it's own strips.But I wish !!! there were universal strips to fit all meters.I have enough meters around all needing different strips and sure don't want any strips to expire.Cost $....

I have two big things. If one touch would follow freestyle's footsteps and add a light to the test strip on their meters, that would make my life MUCH easier, especially for those middle of the night lows where I just don't want to turn a light on. 

Also, if ANYONE made exercise shorts with pockets in the back, that would be awesome. I feel like I can't run outside anymore, cuz there's no reasonable way to carry a pump, meter, strips, lancet, some sugar, and an inhaler. 

Those are my two big wishes. 

Oooooh ajax - have you checked out Nathan running belts?  I have one, and it can fit my meter-remote, CGM receiver, glucose tabs, lip balm, GU gel, drivers license and my cell phone.  It doesn't jiggle around and is fairly comfortable.

Looks like there are some cute/cool meter cases here http://www.classiccaseworks.net/designercases.html,

@ Ajax. If you'd like to still run outside you should wear a cycling jersey. Cycling jerseys always have a big pocket in the back and/or one on the side and you can get them in in attractive colors with UV protection and of course sweat wicking.

If all the restaurants would have serving size or better yet carb counts that would be great!  I think it is silly that just the fast food type places have to do this.

A case for insullin/ kit  that has a SMALL pocket for reusable heat or cooling packet for on the go - something that would work for skiing and for summer activities.

More accessible better variety of medical alert tags for kids/ teens - specifically things that could be worn for sports - again skiing and boarding. If my son were in an accident on the ski hill it would be a long time before the patrol got down to his dog tag.  OR something that could be worn for contact sports - all jewelry must be removed to play.

I am going to be having a giveaway on my website soon for a myabetic bag. I will let you all know when! They are really fantastic! I did a review on my blog for it, if you are interested in reading it...


@ kcbscrapper

I cycle a lot and I find the medical ids to be pretty ugly, so I invested in the excellent Road ID which is a great customizable dog tag that you can wear on your wrist with this extremely durable black velcro wrist strap.

They have absolutely great customer service and the tag itself is guranteed for life, if something happens to it, they will print you another one with the exact same text for free.




I personally don't like how I use "Ultra Soft" Lancets.  I don't think the name is appropriate.  Maybe One Touch could just call them plain "Lancets"?

I think One Touch should look at the bayer contour strip design and borrow the tip. I was a one touch kid for like 15 years, got my first One Touch II from diabetes camp, and liked them. Last year my insurance didn't cover them at the generic copay so I switched to the Contour. Now this year they have made the One Touch generic, and the Contour non generic. I found the Contour's strips way easier to use with the slight recess on the bottom tip of the strip, it helps pull the blood into the strip.

I wish there were more companies who customize meter cases also. I have taken several and modified them myself over the years to fit my needs. I found it funny last year carrying my Bayer Contour in a Lifescan Ultra 2 case, using the Accucheck Multiclix lancet device!

Lower the prices on ALL test strips !!!!  $16.99 (avg.) for a meter and $100 plus for the strips, for 100 count. It is ridiculous!!!

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I think One Touch should look at the bayer contour strip design and borrow the tip.


Unfortunately, Bayer probably has a patent that prevents One Touch from "borrowing" like you suggest. Of course, One Touch could negotiate with Bayer, but a license to use the Bayer design would probably cost dearly.

YES! There totally needs to be a light on meters (I test a lot in the middle of the night...probably at least 3 times a week) and I hate having to turn the light on at 3am in the morning when my boyfriend is asleep. 

FreeStyle has had a light for years. Put the strip in and press the light button. The screen lights up. Press it again and a light down on the strip comes on so you can see the blood. You can literally test in the dark. And it uses a tiny bit of blood. I have no connection with Freestyle whatsoever. I just think they have bestest, smartest, user friendly meter on the market today.

Thanks Kyle - I am going to order the wrist ID for soccer ( not sure if I should do the rubber one or the cloth ).  Now wondering what to do for skiing - I think they should come up with one that attaches on to a helmet!