What diet?

I need SERIOUS help with my diet. I don't know what happened. When I was first diagnosed over 8 years ago, I was an AMAZING diabetic, i.e. I ate like one with the support of my parents. Then came an insulin pump and college and now my diabetic diet sucks, honestly, it is non existant. What isn't really helping is that my A1C is actually pretty good, its a 7.1. 

Has anyone lost their way like me, and then somehow found it? I am so used to eating like a normal person, the idea of eating like a diabetic scares me, but I know I need to. Of course I know the consequences, so no scare tactics people.


I am in the same boat.  It's hard to continue to eat healthy the way I did when I was living without the pump.  I have found myself eating candy and other junk a lot lately.  I need some serious help.  I also know the consequences and don't want to have to face them.  HELP!

Don't lose hope.  The Pump can give a false sense of security and knock you off the wagon.  It just takes a little sitting back and really looking at what you have in front of you.  We all know what amount is "bad" for us (since they say NOTHING is really off limits), just weigh your options......Do you REALLY want that Twix bar? (the bane of my existence in college) or would you prefer something more filling (and healty), an apple, an orange, an entire sandwich!  It's all about choices (and patience).  None of us are perfect everyday.  If you "cheat" one day, go back to "healthy" at the next meal......


I was definitely off the wagon for a year or so....A1C in the low 8% can prove that.  Oops.  What got me back on track is that I want to have children sometime soon, and the thought of hurting my baby because of the stupid choices I make really made me rethink my diet.  We aren't pregnant yet, but want to be in the next year or so, and I know I have to be on top of my game. 

Eventually you will get back on the wagon.  Your life and priorities will change, and so will your diet.  :)

I also had lost my direction for a while and my eating habits were very chaotic. I've been able to change things around when last year my A1C was 8.1 and I realized I couldn't have children with a high number like that. That scared me a lot. I had to make some lifestyle changes and now I can't even imagine going back to the way it was before. I also don't feel that huge amount of guilt anymore. I think I was in denial and it was easier to ignore my BG's than to face them. Now when I have highs or lows, I can at least say I carb counted my food intake and maybe I need to make some adjustments in some other areas. You can definitely do it. It does take some work and you might want to go back to diabetes diet 101. Eat at specific times, and carb count your meals. I have a very busy schedule during the day; I prepare my lunch and snacks in the morning, so I don't get hungry all of a sudden and stop at a fast food restaurant, for example. 

Don't get discouraged if it doesn't work right away. I started with a "plan" many times, and then let it go, or got frustrated because even when I feel I do everything right I still have highs and lows. We just have to take it day by day and do the best we can. Good luck.


I have the same story as you. For the first year after my diagnosis I wrote everything down ate small meals etc.. Once I got my pump everything went downhill  for me as well. I want to be honest. I have really started changing this in my diet etc.. because I want to have a baby in the next year or so and you need to have an a1c o f 6.5 so right now I am striving for 6.5

You dont have to eat like a diabetic there is no such thing. You need to eat moderately and check and make sure you take your insulin on time. Dont think you have to be different that isnt the case anymore. We can live just like "the others" lol

Try eating 6 times a day but small meals it actually keeps your blood sugars in better control than eating 3 bigger meals. and you are less likely to have low blood sugars too.


The good news is that you know you fell of the wagon!  Don't we all do it every now and then?  We are human, right?  What's funny is that we say we want to eat like a "normal" person, whose to say we aren't the normal ones and they aren't?  All the food that isn't good for "us", isn't good for anyone really, we are just the smart ones who are aware of it!