What do you do for lows and exercise?

Recently I started playing soccer and I have decided I am going to try to lose about 10 pounds. With any exercise I have relized I take about 60 carbs and around 600 calories each day I try to work out. Any suggestions for losing weight and not constantly drinking juice? Then I wonder if having diabetes just makes it way harder to lose weight. At my school I know of about 10 diabetics with T1, like me, and they are all overweight. Any thoughts?

As I'm coming to find out, losing weight is more than just exercising. It also includes a good diet. Are you drinking the juice because you're going low while you exercise? I've taken to just drinking water now, completely cutting [diet] soda off of the list of things I drink.

Losing weight will be a constant battle for me, or anyone I think just because once you get to where you want to be, you then have to bust your @$$ to maintain. If I were you, I'd friend Ginger Vieira on here. She's got a ton of knowledge about working out and weight loss and could probably relate to you a lot better than I could since weight gain/loss methods tends to differ between men and women.

Good luck with your efforts, and everyone is here for you if you need advice or need a place to vent!


I always go low multiple times in a soccer game and practice. Also I have changed my diet and started counted calories. I am not really overweight I just want to lose about ten pounds but I relized I gained a bit because of drinking so much juice.

Do you have glucose tablets? If not, you should get them. My ex girlfriend actually got me 2 big bottles of them and ever since I've been bringing them to rugby practices/matches in case I feel myself going low. I feel that they're a better low solution than liquid sugars (like juice/gatorade etc.).

But the glucose tabs have been a life saver. Each have something like 5g carbohydrates which make it easy to correct if you know your ratios and all that happy horse crap.

If you're going to be counting calories, make sure you don't sacrifice meals for calories...meaning don't skip meals in order to avoid calories. Smaller meals 4-5 times a day keeps your metabolism up and will benefit you in the long run for exercise and energy versus fasting in order to avoid said calories.

Good for you on joining the soccer team and having a reasonable weight loss goal.  My daughter is type 1 and an athlete and believe me, it's not easy buy you will learn through trial and error.  First off, lose the juice.  It is not an ideal source of quick glucose (unless you have an emergency low).  The problem with juice is that it is high in calories and sugar.  You are much better off packing an orange or a banana to eat pre-game/practice.  At least you are getting the fiber from the whole fruit (very important for weight loss and weight management).  The glucose tabs are also a good suggestion.   What type of isulin therapy are you on?  i.e., injections or pump.  Either way, your best resource is your diabetes educator or endo.  Being on the pump is especially helpful for controlling the lows during intense workouts.  My daughter has a pattern A and a pattern B.  Pattern B is for when she's active and she gets less insulin to avoid lows during exercise.  The main thing for now is to test and snack prior to exercise, and then check at least once more during a game or workout.  If you avoid the high sugar low fiber snacks YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT.    Keep this in mind.  Your main dietary sources of carbs should have at least 3 grams of fiber and less than ten grams of sugar per serving.  That includes your breads, cereals and snacks.  The best way to avoid unnecessary carbing to avoid a low is to prevent it in the first place!  You are doing everything right with the exercise.  I also suggest you ask your endo to set up an appt. with a nutritionist to help you make good food choices.