What do you do for your kid(s) to make it easier for them to get their insulin?

I have recently found that my 2 year old really likes to have a choice of insulin sites and finger pricks.  I've also begun giving his stuffed dog "Sugar" some insulin too (all playing).

I'll even check his stuffed animals' blood sugars and my son always gives them a hug after I do and says, "you did a good job, Sugar Dog".  Hopefully it makes him feel better about his diabetes.  ")

The other day I walked into the living room and my son was counting to 15 and when I looked to see what he was counting, he had his stuffed bear on the floor with this toy syringe, giving his bear some insulin and counting like mommy and daddy do.  It was cute, but at the same time, made me sigh that no 2 year old should know how to do that.  

Ahhhh......The tribulations of being a diabetic kid's mom!

-Blake's Mom

Brandan likes to make me run and catch him to give him insulin. Not in the unruly, "I don't want my insulin" kind of way, he does it with a smile on his face and  laughter in his voice when he says "You can't get me!" When I get the victory of capturing him I get to do the injection. :)

I have also given many action figures pretend injections and finger sticks.

Lately Brandan likes to tell me when I've done a good job or not. He instructs me to be easy and he will let me know if it was easy or hard (meaning if it hurt or not.) When I do it easy I get a high-five, when it's hard I have to kiss it. :)

That's awesome!  Blake likes to run around too!  

Hopefully you get lots of high fives!  ")

Seems like more kisses than high fives, but they're magic kisses I guess 'cause they work at the moment of impact. :)

Your "Sugar" story is touching, by the way. So many little things that Brandan says or does bring smiles to face and tears to my eyes at the same time.