What do you do if you have ketones?

I'm a little embarrassed admitting that I don't know this, but whatever..ha

If I have medium or large ketones I change my pump site, and give an injection to bring down the high blood sugar. If it's really bad (throwing up and all that fun stuff) I was told to drink 2 tablespoons of regular soda w/out insulin, but still give insulin for the high bg (I don't know why that works, it's just what my doctor said to do). If I only have small or trace ketones I just give insulin. You're supposed to drink a lot of water too, to help flush them out, but I'm not very good about that =P.

Keytones are just a symptom there's something wrong... your body isn't processing enough glucose and has started burning fat to supply your cells with energy.

So try to figure out the problem, bring down blood sugars if they're high, and drink water to flush the keytone toxins out of your body.  

Being sick and eating low carb are probably the most common causes of keytones.  

If you're sick and can't keep fluids down, you should call a doctor and may need an IV of insulin and fluid to get back on track.  

I understand the feeling of embarrassment but this is a very serious issue and I am pleased with the fact that you are asking about this. In the past, there have been times when I have not taken testing ketones as seriously as I should have. There should be instructions on your tube of ketone test strips as to indication of the point at which you need to contact medical care IMMEDIATELY. I will be honest, I recently had a blood sugar so high that I should have been in a coma but somehow managed not to be. I ended up going by ambulance to the ICU in the hospital in Seattle. Take care and let me know if you have any other questions regarding what I have said!

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