What do you do on the anniversary of your diagnosis?

So I was diagnosed on Valentines Day in 2004 and as it is coming up soon i have been thinking about what to do to "celebrate". Lately it has seemed that everything has just been a bit harder to deal with- so i was wondering what everyone else does on the day of thier diagnosis- anything special?



:o) it's just another day to me.

Same here, nuthun. I don't keep up with it (although, I replied to the other string and had to think about it).

Nada.  I can't remeber the specific day anymore, just the approximate time of my diagnosis.

My first anniversary is coming up in a month and two days from now. I have no idea what I am going to do yet.

I don't do anything special either :-/ It's not exactly something I want to celebrate haha But it could make for an interesting conversation starter- maybe you could do something like educate at least one person on the date of your diagnosis. God knows there's a ton of people who could use some educating!

me and my friends just hang out. diabetic sundays this year maybe...

I don't remember the exact day..but if I did..I would have a party!

nothing.  just a regular day!

[quote user="Mikaela"]

nothing.  just a regular day!


this ^

not even sure what day of the month it is...I know it's in April. Celebration shots every day?

Just realized I missed mine.  24 years on the 16th of this month.  So, 24 years, 4 days today.

I don't know what to do.  Maybe think about the last year, think about the last year and decide how I can handle my diabetes better to make my life better? Celebration doesn't seem right, I see nothing to celebrate.  Maybe take the first steps in making diabetes easier?  Look into a CGM if you don't have one?  Look into a pump if you don't have one?  Diagnosis is the first step.  My daily goal is to make my diabetes easier to deal with.

I have no idea what the exact day i was diagnosed with D is, I just know it was august of 86... I do not think "celebrating" it is what i would do but I think a good idea would be to make a donation on that day, something along those lines.. I think i may start doing that I have to find out what my exact date is :)

I was diagnosed on my dad's birthday at the age of 11 (Jan. 18th, 2002).  So now, 8 years later, I just try to focus on celebrating for my dad.  Usually though I just use the anniversary as a day to let myself be upset about what happened to me.  Most days I try not to think so hard about it, so it can be refreshing to really feel the emotions surrounding diagnosis.

nothing! other than the first anniversary, i don't think i've ever remembered..and now, almost 8 years later...i don't even remember the specific day!

I celebrated 20 years of my diabetes in the March 14, 2009. Called the girls, which met in hospitals and diabetes centers. It was an occasion to look back, review progress... with cake and wine =)


I was diagnosed on November 30, 2006, and did not do anything the first two anniversaries.  However this past year I started a tradition of getting in a real hard workout.  Harder then usual as a way of reminding myself that I am getting the better of this disease.

Never ever crossed my mind to celebrate.  The only reason I can remember the date is because it was the day after Christmas, it's hard to remember what year even.

i don't do anything to "celebrate"...the only reason i remember it was because it was the first day of winter break junior year (a.k.a. February 18, 2008) so i couldn't even enjoy break. it was only two years ago february so i'm sure in a couple of years i'll forget the day.  and i don't think celebrating is really the best word choice here.  if anything it's more of a time to look back and see how much i have grown and how much more responsible i am since being diagnosed and a time to look forward to taking better care of myself.

me I try to do something  it on febuary 7 it will be four years I may post a blog looking back on my diabetes