What do you do when

When you get any sort of cut on your feet ? Or toes or anything like that ? I just managed to somehow cut my foot and right away I went and cleaned it with peroxide and put a bandaid on it but just wondering what else. Of course as most of you know I dont have health insurance right now so I cant go to a dr for anything. Looking for opinions.


Meh, I just treat it like a normal cut. Keep it clean and let it breathe without a bandaid every now and then. Just take a peek at it whenever you take your socks off or get out of the shower to see if it's healing. If you haven't had any problems in the past and your BGs aren't too crazy, you'll more than likely be ok :o)

No frills soap and water...dry it off...top it off with some antibiotic ointment to keep it moisturized and prevent infection if it's an open laceration...and if it's on a spot that doesn't contact the ground just leave it open to air.

As long as you have normal sensation in your feet I wouldn't worry any more than a papercut.

Treat it like any other cut...soap and water, neosporin, bandage. If you do that you will avoid infection!