What do you do?

what do you do when your at a party and theres tons of snacks and stuff? i try my best on giving enough insulin, but i always end up high!!

i usually take some extra insulin depending on how hungry i am/how much i'm gonna eat, i have some snacks and then when i want to have more, i usually check my bloodsugar again if it's been a while and make a correction dose(if needed) along with some more insulin to cover more food.

the only other option(that i know of) is to limit yourself to a certain amount of food that you take a shot for, and don't eat after you've hit that limit...doesnt really work for me but maybe for some people? haha.

I always put in extra insulin in,too.

i usually put in like double bc i know ill give into snacking on even more stuff and sometimes i STILL end up high...oh well as long as you come down...eventuallyyy :)

I take an extra shot or just go for popcorn or something, I was just at a party on Saturday and I had the same problem :/