What do you eat all day?

I am just curious as to what everyone's daily eating schedule is like ? Maybe we can all write down our day starting from when we wake up till we go to bed and compare our diets? Just for fun of course?

i dont eat breakfast and i only eat lunch sometimes lunch and then i have soup around 3 after school. and i try to eat a healthy dinner but it doesnt always work out. my mom is super busy a lot soo she normally gets fast food....

My eating pattern changes from day to day... in other words, there is no pattern!  Sometimes I have a piece of toast for breakfast, other times I skip that meal.  Lunch usually consists of either soup or salad.  Dinner can be at 6:00 some days, at 8:30 other days and can vary tremendously as far as content.  That is why I love the freedom that the pump gives me!

Hey Gina,


I try to eat a very regularly when it comes to nutrition. Breakfast is a MUST. Starts up your metabolism in the morning after not eating all night and fills your glycogen stores back up (carbs basically, stored in your liver and muscles for energy).


And then it's also really good to eat regularly throughout the day to keep your metabolism burning regularly. It's kind of like of adding wood to a fire. If you don't eat for hours, your metabolism is going to slow down. Protein can only be stored in the body for up to 3 hours, too, so you've gotta replenish regularly!


Breakfast: protein shake, banana, peanut butter

Snack: yogurt and maybe some protein, or almonds

Lunch: chicken, peppers, yogurt or fruit

Snack: protein shake (this is usually after my training), and gluten-free bread for carbs to replenish my glycogen stores

Dinner: oatbran, maybe chicken or eggs, and veggies

Snack: depends on how hungry I am! Maybe a little protein and some carbs.


I can eat a moderate amount of carbs and use them as fuel because of my training, but for most diabetics I'd suggest limiting carbs after 4pm and focusing on healthy fats, veggies and protein!