What do you eat when you are having a low?

I am starting to get tired of eating the same things when I am low after just over a month of being type 1 diabetic, chewy bars and a bit of juice, does anyone else know of anything that works really well?

Hi Jamieson, how are you liking Juvenation? I have found it to be very helpful and awesome! :) Things that work for me when I am low include;

  • Dex 4 (but they don't taste too great, I like the green apple or raspberry flavours)
  • When it is almost time for a snack and I am low I have some real maple syrup on a frozen pancake. You could just have some maple syrup too. Yum. ;)
  • Rice Krispie squares
  • Turkish delight (I like to keep this around because it tastes good and it works fast)
  • ice cream/ frozen yogurt I find works well too and it is nice for a treat every once in awhile.
  • fruit to go
  • starbursts
  • gummies of many kinds work well for me too (welches fruit snacks or fruit roll up type of thing)

I will keep thinking, I hope this helps for now though.

Katey :D

thanks katey ill try some of those just looking to mix it up a bit

For me Skittles. Yes Taste that WONDERFUL rainbow of FLAVORS!!!!! Plus they never get old. Sometimes it's some Glucose Tablets that are in a Fruit Punch flavor. Or OHJAY (orange juice) Sometimes depending on how low i am i may even drink a soda. Voltage Mountain dew is a life saver and an energy booster too! But that just about does it for me. Hope it helps.


Hey there -

Jelly beans are always good for me !!  I usually buy a big bag for my house and then make several small bags and keep them in different rooms in the house and in my purse.  Otherwise I would eat the whole bag !!



I always go for fruits. My favorites are apples, bananas, and oranges. If I'm on the go, I have little bags of freeze dried apples that I keep in my purse.

I recently discovered that marshmallows work. My son eats one of the big campfire ones and it comes up nicely. :)

thanks for the awesome tips everyone ill be sure to use them soon :)

kind of a weird solution but I try to mix it up.  Juice raises my blood sugar the quickest, so I get a couple of different kinds, drink them on their own and mix them up a little bit.  two or three kinds in one.  I tend to hit lows a lot, and I understand the feeling of things getting old.  Keep mixing it up.  Even your proteins, like different crackers and different cheeses or peanut butter.  Haha let the creative flavor skills flow! 

I'm with Katelyn. I'm a starburst person. Snickers would be second though because the peanuts are good for bloodsugar and its an appetite suppressant. 3rd would be graham crackers.

Sunny D and/or Fruit Punch glucose tabs work best for me.

I carry Starburst everywhere - love that they're 4 carbs each and individually wrapped. Generally If I'm home, I drink juice, and I use Dex 4 Glucose Tablets in the middle of the night. I can't stand the taste, but they work quickly.

i keep a orange juice juice box by my bed all the time. but when i can i eat Oreos or a small cowtail the both worked pretty well

I love the taste of the Target brand grape flavored glucose tablets. I get low at night a lot so they are a quick low cal fix. Also, jelly beans, Cadbury mini eggs, a small bowl of cereal, chocolate or strawberry milk, and finally Glucerna. Some of those Glucerna drinks are really good. It does get boring...eating the same thing every time, but if you mix and match it's not so bad. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but welcome to Juvenation!

For me, it's fruit snacks or juice boxes. Most packages of fruit snacks or juice boxes are 15-25 carbs and work quick. I always keep them on hand and a low is my excuse to break out the sugary junk food. I keep the glucose tabs on hand too, but they are no fun. If I'm going to get my sugar fix, it's gonna be something that I enjoy! I usually follow up with a peanut butter sandwich for protein as well to keep my sugar up and steady.

Looking over some other comments, just remember that if you're REALLY low, you want sugar without fat and fiber.  You won't want to go for things like ice cream, cookies, or fruit in those cases.  Those won't raise your blood sugar as quickly.  (My personal rule has been that if I'm under 60, I go for something truly "fast acting," but over 60 I can go for something like cookies.)

When I need something fast acting, my three go-to treatments are juice, glucose tabs (if I'm out and about, that's what's in my purse), and STARBURST.  The starburst are good and work quickly.  Any kind of sugary candy like that (Skittles, Smarties, etc.) will work, and I kind of like to get the chewy options instead of the crunchy ones so it seems less like I'm eating glucose tabs.  :p

If I'm only just a little bit low, I might do skim or low fat milk.  Lactose doesn't work quite as fast, though my initial CDE/Nutritionist did say that the skim/LF varieties are fast enough to count as "fast acting."  It's a nice option when I don't want sweet stuff.

I love a spoonful of peanut butter and some milk! Brings my sugars up fast and keeps them up with the protiens! Hope this helps!

I usually change what I eat according to the season. I'll get candy corn in the fall, for example, and  jelly beans in the spring. I like the variety and it doesn't take a lot of them. 6-7 candy corns are usually enough for me. Just be careful if you really like them not to overdue. Right now my candy of choice are Pearsons mint patties. Two will take care of a low for me and they go down fast. I don't waste time chewing.

I have found that Brach's cinnamon hard candies are excellent at getting my sugar back up if it starts dropping. They are little, red, hard candies that are wrapped indiv. and found in bulk with other Brach's candies. A Nature Valley granola bar, natural flavor, also helps my sugar recover without  goint too high afterward. Hope that helps

My personal favorite is peanut butter on graham crackers. Protein helps stabalize bloodsugar