What do you feel like eating?

 I don't know if anyone else ever feels like this, but sometimes I'm just so sick of eating!

I really hate it when I'm not hungry but I'm pretty much forced to eat. I don't have a pump yet, so I have little to no freedom to change my meals.

Whenever people ask me what I feel like eating, the honest answer would have to be "NOTHING!"

Any one else ever get that feeling?

I definately feel like this sometimes. My sugar goes low quite a bit and I hate the feeling like I have to eat something even though I'm not hungry.

i definitely felt that way when on MDI. It was right up in the top 3 reasons I wanted to change to my pump :)

that happens to me so much!!! i hate it! then i have to find something higher in carbs so i will eat it all but that stuff isnt what i want to eat usually then. and i have to eat at the worst times! i go to do something fun that i dont want to be inturupted in but then i have to eat! it gets on my nerves so much!!! i cant wait till im on my pump.

when my basals are messed up yeah i definitly feel like that.

I feel like that often. I did however feel like that more often on shots. Are you going to be getting a pump soon or no?

The worst is when I've eaten a big meal and either miscounted carbs or my blood sugar hasn't gone up yet so I'm already full but have to eat more when my blood sugar is low.  I love to eat so want to enjoy my calories not feel gross about shovelling them down! lol

I love to eat, but I hated that I needed to have a set schedule. Since going on the pump I have been able to cut back on eating, not eat meals from time to time and be happy about these things. Since going on the pump, I have lost about 15 pounds and been able to keep it off, since I have not had to balance out my poor planning with using the Humalog and NPH regime.

I mean food is great, but when you are forced to eat it, it just is not right.

[quote user="Gina"]

I feel like that often. I did however feel like that more often on shots. Are you going to be getting a pump soon or no?



Yes, not extremely soon, though. I've got to go to some pump classes first, and my doctor wants me to learn more about it before I choose, but I've already made up my mind. I can't wait to get off MDI.

Since switching to Lantus and Novorapid, that problem has pretty much been solved for me. When I was on N and R, I had to eat every 3hours..but I can't eat that much, and I would end up throwing fits as a kid when my mom tried to force me to eat. I think most of our fights were, and still are often as she isn't used to the fact I don't have to eat every 3hours anymore, about eating.

I would suggest asking your endo, since you're not on the pump, to see if there's another option for you that will give you more freedom. I live a pretty crazy life, so being able to take my short acting only when I eat, has helped me a lot instead of being on a strict dosage timing like when I was using R for short acting. I hate carb counting with a passion, but I will admit it has helped as well.

I will most likely only get a pump when they attach it to me kicking and screaming. The Lantus and Novorapid, I find at least, has given me the freedom that people who use pumps claim they have. I eat when I want, how much I want, and whatever I want(though I usually did that anyways..I just didn't have as good of control cuz the N & R didn't work for me..) or I don't eat if I'm not hungry. It's not the best thing I'll admit, but I skipped breakfast and lunch and had dinner at 6pm because I wasn't hungry during the day.


A lot of what you're mentioning really resonates with me. I used to be on Toronto and NPH up until recently, when I switched over to Levemir and NovoRapid, then got some kind of an allergic reaction to Levemir, and had to switch to Lantus. I'm switching to the disposable versions of Lantus and... Apidra (I think?) to keep it simple (and to take away the concerns of leaving my insulin behind somewhere and not having a backup).

I also have no desire to go to a pump anytime soon, namely for economic reasons and 'physical activity' reasons. ;)

That said, back to the topic at hand...

It's very rare that I've had to stuff my face in order to keep my blood sugars up beyond what I have a tolerance to eat. Sometimes when I'm low I feel sick and thus don't want to eat, but it's not because I'm overfull. I'm overly cautious with the amount of insulin I assign to food though, so I don't often overestimate. I can totally see how people would have this issue though, especially under certain circumstances.

I felt like that when i was doing shots. Now im on a pump but still it happens. I hate it when it does happen but i just find something high in carbs and eat it.

hmm im werid i love to eat LOL sometimes i cant seem to get full LOl ..;0)

but i do hate how you have to be on a schedule sorta like you cant go out and just eat whatever when ever,, you have to be sorta strickt watch what we eat and take a shot before we can eat!

 so i def know how you feel! ;0)


Omg i hate that feeling, i get is all the time! like I'll eat something low-carb, then have to eat AGAIN 'cause im low! even though im not hungry! ugh haha ur not the only one!

actually, i never get that. im pretty much always hungery...but thats just me...i could really go for some Vietnamese food right now.....=(