What do you guys do when you see someone with a pump?

Do you go and talk to them? Or just do nothing? There are two other diabetics in a class I’m in right now. I haven’t talked to either one and tomorrow is the last day. Should I talk to one (or both) of them, or just say nothing.

freak and say ' hey they have a pump too! their diabetic!' loud enough so they can hear me and know that we have something in common(:

^like. :) I was approached by the sister of someone who has a pump, It was late and I am able to come up with excuse like their going out of style, but it could have been a great bonding experience, be aware of your intent and see where it goes! :)

if I saw someone with a pump at school or camp, or someplace where I would normally scolialize then I might ask them if it's a pump. Then again it could be something different, I can't wait to get a pump myself!

my friend just got a pump and it sound AWWWWWWWWWWWSOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEE!..........sry I like caps....

what goes through my mind :


If i'm with friends ill usually make a big seen and yell "dude that kid has a pump!" and get all happy haha

^^^^^ I do that too! haha