What do you like 2 do?

Well I'm just wondering what you guys like doing...

I love cooking and baking. I've worked in a restaurant kitchen for a while and I love it! I also like playing field hockey and squash and I did Hip Hop for a while.

I love animals anything and everything about them. They are also my livelyhood as I am a dog groomer by trade. It is very cool to be able to  work with what I love.

Well when im not working. Which is a rarity... I like just driving around in my truck and listening to music. its the only time i get to myself. unless im being nagged by text messages. which always seems to be the case lol. i love reading but i hate doing it. and im always down to sit around and watch horror movies all day. i love to hike  but i have no mountains close enough to me to do it. and i love to hit up metal concerts when they come around.

I love to write. I write and edit for my school newspaper, as well as write for my local newspaper. I also love to read, watch movies, listen to music, and hang out with my friends.



I love to read, run, ride my bike, play frisbee, listen to music, and just ask Alyssa my favorite thing is to give people a hard time.

Singing. Absolute favorite thing...


But I also love to draw, take pictures, be with friends, hike! & bake. Oh and watch old movies!

Yes, Brian gives everyone a hard time LOL

I never deny it though! Yeah for honesty!

Huzzah :)

Uum... I'm pretty boring. Besides creative writing, I don't do a whole lot :)

Watching movies, horror movies are my favorite. I like action, comedy and dancing movies also !! My favorite movie of all time is Footloose and the soundtrack is the best, in my opinion. Listen to music (NOT COUNTRY). Hang out with my boyfriend, my family and my turtle : )

Reading, writing, rocking out to music, singing, watching movies, horror especially (good and bad), hockey, soccer, hanging with friends, getting into and causing trouble.

I like long walks on the beach, romantic dinners by candlelight.... wait a second....

kidding. I love to bowl (which I'm horrible at), sing karaoke (which I'm also terrible at), play basketball (guess what else I'm no good at?), dance, read, write... I thoroughly enjoy my movies--I love horror movies (a common theme here) and comedies, but I'm willing to give almost anything a try (except romance and chick flicks... gag me). I do rather enjoy my tunes, like my movies, I'll listen to pretty much anything once--songs that make me move are good ones. When it's college football season, you will find me yelling at the TV on a fairly regular basis--I'm a die hard Iowa Hawkeye fan!

While I have a tendency to be fairly quiet, I do like to have my fun and I'm willing to try most things once. I always say "if you're not having fun, you're not doing right."

I mostly love Dancing and Water Skiing.  I like to work out too.  I love to go camping and tubing, anything involving the water.  I feel the most relaxed in the water or cooking my food over a camp fire... I like trying different wines and cheeses too.  I like traveling around and playing music too.  I like discovering new bands too.  My most recent find is a band called The Dodoz from France.

I like playing hockey with a buddy of mine, one on one is tough when he could have gone pro if he wanted to.  I make movies, write movies, and film things for fun.  In the same area I like to act sometimes, make voices and accents that are unusual haha


drawing and art, writing, animals....

oh! and i have an obsession with throwing things in the air and trying to catch them!

I make jewelry. I love it. I bought my medic ID and made a bracelet around it. Almost everything I wear I've made myself.

I also really enjoy photography. 

how could i forget photography?! i have over 10,000 photos on disc! love, love, love it.

I almost forgot... I love football season.  And no matter what anyone says, I love to watch the Packers play!


I decided to upload my stuff and show you guys