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I am recently married and my husband and I have been discussing pregnancy. I am 27 and have had T1 since age 8. Up until my 20's I had horrible bs control and was in the hospital constantly for high blood sugars. I have had a lot better control as an adult but definately not perfect. T1 has affected my eyes but it is under control. Other than my eyes the rest of me seems to work fine. I am working on getting an insulin pump with a CGM to help me get better control. My question is: Because of my diabetic history is pregnancy a crazy idea?

[quote user="Stephanie"]Because of my diabetic history is pregnancy a crazy idea?[/quote]

Not crazy at all.  I think having a pump w/ CGM will make it much easier to keep your blood glucose levels where your doctors want.   I was diagnosed at age two, and like you, had a few years of in & out of hospitals in my early teens.  Finally got on top of it in my early 20s.  (late teens weren't great control but I wasn't in ketoacidosis every few months either... getting by, we'll call it).   Anyway, we had our first daughter when I was 25 and second daughter when I was 27.    Both were born in the 6lb range when born and I had not complications.  It can be done.  It's a lot of work (my docs wanted my A1C below 6 the entire pregnancy) and you'll need lots of support from work and hubby (I had doc appts every week the first 6 months, then twice a week - felt like I lived in that pernatologists' office :-)  

So, talk to your docs.  Find out where they want you before getting pregnant and what kind of OB/Endo/Pernitalogist setup they are going to have you in.  Good luck!  

I do know of a few people (some here on Juvenation) who had eye issues, and they did c-sections to avoid that pressure on the eyes.  Something to keep in mind and discuss with your doctors.

I thought my doctors would never "let" me try a pregnancy, but they said it was absolutely fine. You might be surprised. They really are only looking at the last few months of BG's to make sure you're in control at conception.

The only thing I'd look into more is the retinas because pregnancy can aggravate retinopathy, although I've heard it sometimes clears up after delivery. I'd ask your endo/ high risk OB/ retina specialist, and see if you'd need to take special precautions...