What do you Use

Pump or syringes?

It seems like everyone these days has a pump and im still stuck using needles. Just curious on what the ratio is here.


Syringes. I'm not interested in the pump currently.

my daughter is still on shots.Not wanting to change.

Pump (Rex!)

Why are you "still stuck using needles?"  My son is 8 years old and has been on a pump for a year.  He loves it!  It sure beats giving him 4 shots a day! :-(

Wolf says he'd have to work an 8 day week in order to be able to get a pump. Or so I recall. :)

good memory Alyssa! and that is correct. I have no insurance. its all out of the pocket for me. im not even sure if i could afford a bike pump at the moment. :)

That's too bad...........sorry, I missed the "working 8 days a week conversation"  . 

its ok. someday i will be hi-tech :) They will probably have the cure by then. ::fingers crossed:: :)

I sure hope so!!!  That will be the happiest day of my life!

im on a paradigm 722 purple insulin pump(nemo)

I've been using pumps for 14 years, currently on Cozmo, and trying to figure out what the next one will be. 52 years of injections was enough for me.  Tom

I'm on the pump - MiniMed 722.  Keep in mind that it takes a while to switch over if you decide to do it.  For me it was 4 years before I pulled the trigger - after 18 years of shots I was thinking why change if my bs is good.   The switch for me came becuase I wanted my highs and lows in a more narrow range. 

Doug now that you have the pump and are away from the shots...have you seen a big difference? having a pump, is everything better or the same as it was with syringes. cuz your b/s was good using the syringe.

I'm using syringes and pens, but switching to the Animas Ping in September, shortly before I lose my parents federal health insurance.


Pump companies do have assistance programs, so if you really want one, you should check into it. It's a huge investment, but it sounds like it makes a HUGE difference for a lot of people.

Animas Ping....what is that?

I'm on a pump too.  Omnipod.  Love it.  Could never go back to injections after being on a pump.  Life is much easier now.  But I guess it's all relative huh....LOL

I'm on a pump! Love it, but I can see why some people don't like it. I'm on the Accu Chek Spirit, I know most of you propably havn't heard of it, haha.

I just switched from pens to the pump 3 weeks ago. So far I like it!

I am on the omnipod have been for about 4 months now and I love it. but I was on shots for 12 years prior.