What does a pump user need to know when traveling to Europe?

I generally travel with a letter from my endo. when I travel. What else will I need?

Well, here's a link to my post from a month or so ago.


Here's a tip-- when you think you have everything, check again. Especially in the refrigerator, where the extra insulin is hiding.

Because you can buy Novolog (but it's Novorapid) in the Dominican Republic (as I found out the hard way) but I'm sure you'd rather not do that.

I've only been to Europe once, a few months after I started pumping, and I think I just brought enough supplies to last for the trip (more supplies than I would ideally use) and a letter from my endo.  I'm going to England this summer though, so I'm curious to see if people bring other stuff. 

Have fun on your travels!

I went to Italy a year and a half ago and it was an amazing trip - I hope you have a great time as well!  Definitely bring the letter from your endo as well as extra supplies.  I tend to bring 50% more supplies than I think I would normally need for the amount of time I'll be gone.  So if my trip is 8 days, I bring enough stuff to last me for 12.  Kind of an arbitrary number, but it's nice to know there's a little cushion. 

Before I went, I met with my endo to talk about some things I might need to adjust while I was on vacation - accounting for time change, different basal rates for sitting on the plane as well as different basal rates/carb ratios for once I was on the go and doing tons of walking, etc. 

Good luck, hope you have a fantastic trip!

I've learned that airport security doesn't make you disconnect your pump when they see that it's attached to you. Not sure about the security in the UK or wherever you're traveling to. As far as what to bring...I brought a box of infusion sites and cartridges as well as an extra vile of insulin. I won't link to it but I had a stressful time prior to my last trip since Animas hadn't sent my refill yet...I got it the day before my flight.

Just make sure you have lots of extra stuff should something go wrong. I've never brought a letter from my endo or an Rx.

I always bring a prescription for my insulin as well whenever I travel, just in case a vial should break or get lost or whatever.  My endo is really good about making sure I'm prepared.  I do carry a letter from him too, but I've never had to show it to anyone yet.  I also carry a medical card in my wallet that explains I'm on the pump, has important contact info, and even warns that if I have signs of drunkenness that it may be effects of low blood sugars.  I also bring extra supplies and insulin and 2 glucose meters.  I may just be over-packing my stuff, but I'd rather have it then find myself stuck without them. 

I've been to the UK and Spain and I made sure I had enough pump supplies, batteries, and I also got a loaner pump. This made me very much at ease in case something bad happened to my pump. Check to see if your pump company does loaners. Also, i brought 2 glucagon syringes because i have a really bad habit of getting insanely low when i travel. I also had the letter from my endo but found it wasn't necessary.