What does Dexcom G6 cost with Medicare?

I’ve recently been prescribed the Dexcom G6, and it’s covered by commercial insurance I have through my wife. The sensors and transmitter will cost $60 per month (I didn’t ask for the reader).

But my primary insurance is Medicare. Since I saw commercials saying the G6 is covered under Medicare, I’m wondering how much it costs that way. Could some of you please let me know what you pay for it monthly under Medicare? Thanks.

Hi James. For traditional Medicare, I don’t know. You could ask on the Dexcom G6 Users group on FaceBook, if you use FB. For Medicare Advantage plans, it varies greatly from one plan to another, so you have to check with your insurer. I use Medigold, and my out of pocket for sensors and transmitters is zero.

I’m on traditional Medicare, and ALL my Dexcom supplies (and pump supplies and insulin) are covered by Medicare Part B, 100%. I have no co-pays. I sometimes suspect I snuck through some red tape six years ago when I went on Medicare, because I know some folks who are on the pump (which is the key thing here: people on multiple injections do have co-pays) and on Medicare DO have co-pays; but I don’t understand why that is.