What does everyone do at dances?

I've been to one high school dance, and I didn't really like having to bring my monitor, insulin, and candy with me. Since I party all night long, I'm worried about getting low, but I hate the idea of having to leave and go check my sugar. So, what does everyone do? How do you carry your things? Where do you put it? Has anyone been low during a dance? How did you deal with that? I have a dance next Saturday and I need some help!

I take a purse and put all my stuff in it. I have a insulin pump so I give a hourly bolus and just go into the bath room ever hour to check my bg and give insulin. It is really not that bad. Also I bring jucie. It help when you get low. Just a small one that fits in my purse.

I really hate lugging around an entire diabeic-survival-guide to dances. Because of this I'm either a) Found at home instead of the dance, altogether, or b) Found in the corner of the dance... pretty much sitting there with me, myself, and I supplies.

Personally I've found it really terrible. This is why I don't dance.

But when I am dragged into coming along - yes, I've been low at a dance before. How did I deal with it? Swallow some skittles in between songs. It's really not that big of a deal as long as you're testing and treating. Settling down for a bit - grab a table with your group or a drink of water, bathroom/mirror trip, whatever makes it casual - is also probably a good idea.

Pump? Shorts. :P Bicycle shorts under my dress, which have a pocket. As uncomfortable as that is, I swear it works better than some other ridiculous attempts I've made at formally and prettily (I'd say gracefully, but. That word is the sole, exact opposite of every one of these tries) conceiling the pump at a dance.

Good luck! Don't let diabetes keep you from going, though. I get that it's a pain to carry everything around (my parents have always been uber strict about having practically a doctor bag trailing behind me when I'm out - even at [especially??] dances) but it can be worked out (hey, a cute, new purse always makes it that much easier -it's like chocolate on a bad day - and parents are sometimes willing to pay for it since it's "For diabetes," after all :P Let us know how it goes and if you discover any superdancediabetessecrets :)