What does your daily low carb food journal look like?

If you are a low carb eater, what does your day look like? Lets post our daily eating journals here to compare what a low carb diet looks like for each of us! Maybe we can get really good tips from each other if we log it on here!

I'd love to see this too!  Are there any low-carbers out there?

What qualifies as a low carb diet?

I'd say anything 60g or less a day.  I know everyone has a different idea.  

Hi Andrew,

I say we write what we eat and see what happens!

what if i have a panic attack while reading this? ;)

Just look away C...

Actually, since you are a nutrition expert, what is the definition of low carb.  How many carbs do dieticians recommend these days?

I try to eat 30 carbs or less (I usually end up between 30-40).

I don't actually journal the foods I eat- I just count the number of carbs each meal and add them up for the day.

These are typical meals for me at home- one or more of the choices listed (out in the world, it's whatever is available!)


2 eggs

Sausage or bacon

Dannon low carb yogurt (3 carbs). Sometimes I add a few frozen raspberries, adds 1 carb

Fried onions, peppers, and mushrooms

Carbquik muffins (between 1-3 carbs per muffin)

Carbquik pancakes or waffles with Mrs. Butterworth's sugar free syrup

Atkins shake or Soy Slender


Hamburger, hotdog, or brat, no bun

Steak or chicken with onions, peppers, and mushrooms

LC wrap (3-5 carbs depending on brand) with lunch meat and cheese inside

LC quesadilla (made with a LC wrap/tortilla)

Fried vegis, with or without meat


Atkins bar or shake

Soy Slender

Cocoa roasted almonds (2 carbs per packet)

String cheese

Hard boiled egg

LC ice cream (Breyers 4 carbs per 1/2 cup)

Celery sticks with cheese ball cheese

Carrot chips with spinach dip or ranch dip


Meat of some kind with Grill Mates seasoning

Cooked vegis (with butter, salt, pepper, onion, and sometimes garlic powder and Italian seasoning or rosemary and thyme)

Salad (traditional garden, or Caesar- no croutons- or feta. I change up both the salads and the dressings for fun.)

Carbquik biscuits or rolls (2-3 carbs each)


Diet soda

Atkins shake (1-2 carbs)

Soy Slender (1 carb per 8 oz.)

Coffee (my favorite: Eight-o-clock vanilla or hazelnut with Equal and heavy cream- yum!)



LC ice cream

(don't have a lot of others- looking for some good recipes that don't include sugar alcohols...)

Good to know low carb diets can work for Type 1 Diabetics! Is it hard to control the lows though? Thanks!