What food makes your sugar run high

what  makes your  sugar run high ,mine is lasagna even when i bolus good and even a little extra. it happens every time.

sarah h

Yea anything with pasta. It generally makes me go low and then high later. Pasta is an annoying food.

yep usually pasta, & breads... any startchy food really.

Whenever I eat pasta, I try to remember to use the Combo Bolus feature on my pump, an Animas 2020.  I think it's called Square Wave Bolus on other pumps.  I can determine what percentage of a bolus I want at the time I'm eating, then what percentage I want (the rest) given later.  Again, it's a really handy feature for pasta...  but I often forget it, too! 

I stated this before, french fries normally confuse the heck out of me...

Im right there with any one else, any kind of freakin pasta will mess with me for a few hours.  My worst though is pizza, I could eat pizza and like 4 or 5 hours later my sugar will still go up regardless of what I do.  Im just guessing this happens because of the complex carbs, but I cant eat pasta any time after like 6 oclock or else I have to deal with it all night, and it just gets annoying.

anything with potatos  and when i was younger cheese doodles ( prob still do but i just dont eat them anymore)

My daughter has problems with Ramen Noodles.  I guess the starch and sodium cause her to run high.


PIZZA  : (

Mashed potatoes! Ugh... my husband's favorite side dish... so I keep making them for dinner, thinking that one day I'll figure out how much insulin to take for them.... I give up -- they're harder to treat than if I actually had dessert!

Potatoes, french fries and lasagna. I don't find other kinds of pasta too bad though, 

BAGELS. impossible.

This is so weird but I have not had a pasta or lasagna dish since I have been Diagnosed (Over 8 years ago).  I have been a Bernstein follower.  I have just recently started experimenting with some other foods... I have learned that Buttered Popcorn will F up my BG for about 3 days.  For me it seems that small portions and low numbers are the key.  If I eat too much of anything with the combination of carbs and fat, everything gets out of whack.

Hi Kate,when you go to your Dr.,do you tell him that you follow Dr,Bernstein ? I wanted to know if anyone suggested his diet or did you read his book--then followed it.

Kate -- how strange. I always have good luck with popcorn. I bet it's the fat, like in pizza!

Subway sandwiches always mess me up for some reason. My carb counting book says the have 40 - 50 grams each, but I usually have to count 70 - 80.

If it is non buttered popcorn I can estimate my insulin/carb ratio fine... I think it is the fat from the butter that screws it up...

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Hi Kate,when you go to your Dr.,do you tell him that you follow Dr,Bernstein ? I wanted to know if anyone suggested his diet or did you read his book--then followed it.


My Doctor swears by Bernstein!  She freaks if I deviate from it.  She loves his work so much that she went and worked with him for 3 weeks in New York. My doctor is the one who suggested him to me.   The one thing she disagrees with is all of the artificial sweeteners and processed food like hot dogs... She wants me to eat organic but follow the carb recommendations of Bernstein.

One word (one evil word): cereal.

Rice! i can never get it right. i either go really high or i drop like a rock. i avoid it whenever possible.

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One word (one evil word): cereal.


PS: I know Paul backs me on this.

(I think...)