What food makes your sugar run high

Beans are very difficult, a long with pizza. 


It depends on the cereal though.

For me it's all cereal. All week at lunch I've had in-range numbers. Dare I eat Rice Crispies for breakfast today, though, and I pull a 150.

150 is not bad. What are your glucose targets?

I'd tell you - but you keep picking on me :P

Oh puhleaze. You really want picking on you?? I can if you want. But I try not to pick on those smaller than me.

:P I could be taller :P

For the sake of the nice people - 80-120.

So normal range. What type of milk do you use? Whole, skim, soy?

(Let it be shown on the record that I am indeed normal. Just saying.)

Let me check... 'Reduced fat.'

Interesting, you count the carbs in the milk right?

Maybe you might need to do a combo bolus based on how you process the dairy, even if it is low in fat.

'Course. 13 carbs per 8 oz.

As I'm reasing your cereal conversation... i have my hand in a box of basic 4....crap i am  a bad diabetic!

and i see that eating cereal also causes people to mis-spell words like reading...


I would blame the fact that you should use two hands to type as we were taught in school. Not to mention for me, I have two different Macbooks. One if I use my web browser will do the spell check all the time and say, "Duh Brian you spelt that wrong." But my older Macbook only works on spell check some of the time. It is out to make me look like a fool.