What Has CGM Done For You?

The endo has asked my daughter to think about getting one-She told him she is tired of the testing...I don't think there is any way around that but just asking--Has it helped you-bring  your A1C down-given any kind of break on the testing ? Thank you ..

Hey meme,

Use of the CGM brought my A1C from 8.2, to 7.1, and to 6.5 most recently.  (I've been on the Dexcom system for about 7 months).  Although there are times where I consult the CGM in lieu of testing, on the whole I actually end up testing more.  But, I have other reasons for that as well.  :)

My A1C has come down. It was never very high but I tend to not feel my lows and wake up in the 40's and the CGM has helped me by warning me of my dropping sugars. I test just as often but I love being able to have some idea where I am before i do certain things like driving. I will use it for a few weeks then take a rest and go a wek or so without, but I like that when I am suddenly having a change in my blood sugar levels being able to see the pattern with the CGM and know that hey at this time every day I start to drop so I need to adjust something. It is very nice to have.

Died on me today. :(

Sorry, you got me on a sad CGM day. Dexcom is overnighting my replacement receiver luckily.

For me, it's really helped me catch lows I wasn't feeling too, as well as catching highs before they go really high. Since my receiver died this morning, I have had the lovely BG's of BOTH 57 AND 242. :P

I also test quite often with it, but not as often as before (more like 7 times a day, not 9 or 10).

I'm with Kim...I probably end up testing MORE when using my CGM. It makes it easier for me to convince myself to test, with the calibrations and wanting to make sure that everything is accurate. I would definitely recommend it, but not necessarily as a replacement for testing. It definitely helped lower my A1C.

im thinking of geting it but i just dont know i like to test more.

I agree with those who say that a CGM won't really give you much of a break on testing.  Especially in the beginning when you are getting used to it and how to accurately calibrate...I know I was testing MORE for the first month or so that I was wearing the CGM.  I am currently in the 4th month of my second pregnancy and the CGM has been amazing for that.  With my first pregnancy, I was testing 10-12 times per day and now I'm testing about 6 - which is a HUGE improvement in my opinion.  But know that they still recommend you test 3-4 times a day to calibrate and you should always test to verify a sensor reading before you treat any highs or lows. 

I've loved the sensor for being able to catch lows early as well as catch a rapidly rising blood glucose and give a little extra bolus before it gets to out-of-control high.  Good luck with the decision.  I know it's not an easy one since there are many advantages and disadvantages to wearing a sensor.

I've only been on the CGM since early July.  Let me tell you, for me it has been amazing.  I too have had lows in the past come on undetected.  In my almost four weeks on the CGM that has been eliminated which is a tremendous comfort to me. I still go low, especially after exercising, but the device is relentless with tones warning me I am going down quickly or I have arrived at a low reading.   I was checking my bg's quite often at first but this week I am trying to get by with only four tests a day (for calibration).  It seems to be working.  One must remember that the reading on the CGM is approximately 20 minutes old because the interstitial fluids that it uses lag what the finger capillary blood shows. But all in all I think wearing an extra device is worth it and I would highly recommend it to any t-1.  I am still a newbie to it but for me it has been an eye opener and a great tool.  I haven't been on it long enough to see if my A1c's improve.  

My a1c went from 9.8 to 6.6 and I tested the normal amount that I always do. However, when I got off of it, I found myself to be testing wayyyy more often than I ever have. I worked hard to bring my a1c down and I want to keep it down. I think the CGM is great to try at least! :)