What has helped me SO much!

Hey everyone! As we all know diet and exercise can be really tricky with type 1. I wanted to share with all of you what has helped me lose weight, lower my A1c, and stay healthy. I have recently become a beach body coach and have had a lot of success with their programs. Specifically the 21 day fix! It gives you a 30 min workout for everyday and a small book with containers on how to portion your food. It really has helped me so much! As a type 1 for 12 years, this is the best thing I have done. I wish I knew about it sooner. If you want to know more please email me! fackrell.kayla@gmail.com

Hi Kayla. So the 21 day fix is good for type ones. I am doing beachbody Insanity right now and I love it. But I am not sure if it will be too much intensity. If you want to can we message each other on here??


Sure! I just accepted your friend request.

Hi all 52 M here with Type 1 for 49 years now and Relapsing remitting MS. Exercise is tough but can walk my dog for a few blocks 3 times daily. My latest A1c was 8. on Insulin Pump with NovoLog Insulin with Lisinopril and low dose Bayer asprin and Rebif for MS any help would be great

I’m glad 21 Day Fix is working for you! I had problems when I tried it. I was so intent on figuring out what containers I was using and keeping track of that, there were multiple times I forgot to do my insulin. Not such a great outcome, ha! I think for a non-diabetic it would be wonderful, I just felt like it was one more thing to figure out for me…carbs, how much insulin I needed, what containers I was using, what my totals were for the day, etc.

Sorry to be the negative voice, but there’s one other thought on this workout at least. Having said that, I’ve used a number of other Beachbody workouts and there are some really good ones!!! P90X3 is my personal favorite. And I just finished Chalean Extreme and really liked that one as well.

It’s always great to hear about workouts that people enjoy!!