What has Helped you the most with diabetes?

What has helped you the most with your struggle with diabetes? Wether, like me, its your mom, diabetic friend who lives in Maryland, Camp Glyndon or any camp, tell me! Put it down right here.


Anna :D

Juvenation :) I've gotten even stronger in the short time I've been here, thanks to all my great diabetic friends here :)

I agree- knowing that there are other people who are dealing with it, that there are other people who understand and that I can talk to about it. :)

As terrible as this might sound, I think it's that I've hit the bottom with my diabetes care.  Unfortunately, in high school I went through some pretty tough times accepting that this was something I would always have to deal with.  This was about the time that my parents and I were starting the transfer of responsibility over to me.  And to put it nicely, I sucked big time at controlling it!

I know what it's like to have had those terrible A1C's and remember how terrible I felt physically during those years.  Just thinking about my terrible control during that portion of my life helps me stay strong now.  I never want to go back to that.  That's the biggest factor in regards to helping myself deal with my diabetes now.

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I know what it's like to have had those terrible A1C's and remember how terrible I felt physically during those years.  Just thinking about my terrible control during that portion of my life helps me stay strong now.  I never want to go back to that.  That's the biggest factor in regards to helping myself deal with my diabetes now.


Kay, that is awesome...so glad to see that there are people to recover and tell others how much better it is on the other side.

For us, it was easily Nicole, our dietician at our D clinic.  She is great, awesome with kids and even better with parents.

Nerdy... but, for me, it has been reading scientific and research-related papers.  Nothing will scare you in to good control better than reading about how your body is being destroyed on a microscopic level when your blood sugars are too high.  I feel the better educated you are, the more reasons you have to follow the advice of the professionals.  Without any knowledge of your own to back it up, it's hard to buy the "just keep your blood sugars down" bit you get from doctors and nurses all the time.  Once you ask "why?" and actually research it for yourself, it becomes REAL.

I think for me, it would have to be the support of those around me, but more so that in the past two years I have found other people to talk to and share my concerns with.

Some of you guys are great, what with your wisdom and stuff. I would say just having the ability to talk to other diabetics is very awesome.

I would say my faith in God and the support from my family have helped me the most. Also getting involved in diabetes research, work, seminars, events, education, etc has been helpful. As sad as this is, something that has helped me is when my former neighbor died from diabetes complications. It was really a reality check to the finality of diabetes noncompliance.

I would definitely say that my parents have been the biggest help when it comes to my diabetes!  My parents always told me that I control my diabetes and that my diabetes doesn't control me, and they have always been there to hear me gripe about my diabetes (because as we all pretty much know, diabetes can be rather annoying/frustrating at times).  They have encouraged me to live the life I have wanted (as long as I am taking good care of myself), and with their encouragement, I spent five months during high school in Germany.  They have always been there for me, especially when it comes to my diabetes.  I feel so lucky to have them!

I agree with Alyssa.  Juvenation has been great! Until I discovered this site a few weeks ago, I had never known another person with Type 1.  It didn't take long for me to decide to switch to an insulin pump, thanks to all your suggestions!  This site is great!

Also my mom has been great over the last 8 years.  She is a nurse so she understands most of what I complain about.  She is great for just listening when I need to vent, and she always keeps me positive about my care.

This site, hands down...and humor. It feels so healing to laugh about some of the ridiculousness that seems like it came straight out of a Kafka novel. And a very open-minded significant other. The people who bothered to respectfully ask.

Like Kay, hitting rock bottom. This past October i was in the ICU for 6 days with severe DKA. My heart stopped, i couldn't breathe and by the time the ambulance got me to the hospital, i was nearly dead. I had emergancy heart surgery, numerous IVs througout my entire body, including my neck. My A1C was 17.6. Seeing all the people around me who cared about me crying hurt me so much. my older brother, who has cystic fibrosis, sat by my side, 24 hours a day, crying. He's a "strong" guy and never really cries. I was out of college for so long, i had to medically withdrawl from the semester. This situation made me want to improve my health for the others around me. Just one month later, I had my A1C down to 8.6. Now months later, i feel like i'm slipping back into my old habits, and it scares me to death.

Cass, if you don't mind me asking, what are these bad habits of yours that get you an A1C of 17? I can't even imagine an A1C of 8 let alone a number like that. I'm glad you recoveredfrom that experience, but I'm really curious how an A1C can be that high.

umm basically, it all started with a dietition i had telling me that "if you stop taking insulin, you will lose a lot of weight." Never tell a teenage girl that. So basically, i stopped taking my insulin, eating and drinking what i wanted, and not taking a drop of insulin. I lost about 45lbs in 3 months, and got so many compliments, i didnt want to risk gaining that weight back. I lied to my family about my numbers, and weight loss, and my fiance. I would sneak stuff, like apple cider, starbucks...etc...after being in the ICU i gained all the weight back within 6 days, and am back at 145,but so happy to be heathy agian. I dont know why, but diabetes, and the acceptance of it has been such a struggle for me that some days just want to rip my pump off, throw it over the balcony, go to starbucks and get the biggest, sugariest drink and call it over.

Oh okay so is it sort of like the 'diabulemia' issue in a sense? Thank you for sharing that. I don't know how you managed to go that long eating/drinking those things and not doing insulin. I assume you must've felt pretty sick? So do you have permanent complications from that or were they just temporary?

Im so glad you came along and are doin better. A friend of mine that has diabetes as well went through the same thing...it was heart breaking but the good news is that she is recovering and getting better. She didnt even want to see her friends cause she thought we would say she gained weight. She went down to 95lbs and she is 5'7. She went to an eating disorder clinic at the hospital full time so she lived there...its was hard for me to see her go through this..she left the clinic cause she was freaking out. I had to pick her up( that was hard but she was going crazy in there and was going to call a taxi).

I tried so hard to get her to give herself insulin but it didnt work....I didnt want her to back away from me. I didnt want to say the wrong thing to her....it was hard for me too. She would chew gun and smoke and drink coffee thats all and maybe salad sometimes.

Keep smiling and remember your not the only one :)



cass that is awesome to know you have family and friends standing by you. if i could i would give you a big hug. just remember that there is going to be a better life if you take care of yourself. yeah it's annoying and it sucks, but please don't kill yourself over it. i knew a girl who was diagnosed at 15 and she hated it so bad. after a couple of years she started to become anorexic and i think bulimic. she eventually died because of the complications between the two. diabetes and the eating disorder. it scares me to think that she was once alive then died because she didn't like how she looked and because she didn't want this disease. life is far better then death it's less heartbreaking. yeah sure there are things that are heartbreaking about life but think of the things that you would miss out on.

i dont know how, but luckily i dont have any permanent complications. I guess i felt sick, but i had felt it for so long, i just didnt "feel" sick. THe only reason i know i felt sick was because i feel so good now.

that's awesome cass. do what makes you feel better physically.

Cass, I really think you should seek out a therapist for your diabetes if your feeling this way, immediately. I think most people on this site find the story of your previous experiences very sad, I know I do.