What I was like before before I turned 14

When I was 13, I stayed with my Aunt in Ohio. When my mom want with my dad in the truck for about a mouth. On June,26,2009 is the day that changed my life forever. My aunt and her son Billy and I want to town about 2 hours away from were she lived. I stated not feeling well after lunch. Than we want to walmart. Than we were going to go home. When we back to her house I want back to bed. Than she called my mom. At about 7:00pm my mom told her to take me to the hoptail (i was not happy when my dad said I was going to the hopital). I got there they run alot of test. I can happly say that I did not have to have a IV put in. They came back saying I had a virce but they would not let m go home intell I was under 300. Than at about 1:30am I got to go back to my aunt's house.

Since that day I have changed. Before I would not check or I would say I a lower than what I really am. Like one time I said I was 147 but I was really 447. Since that day I have found Juvenation that November. And I lowered my A1C a lot it was 8.2 in June of 2009 and than in Sept of 2009 it was 6.6. I have also changed by checking my self more. And other things. I just Wanted to say that with out Juvenation and the friend's I have made at Juvenation I would not be were I am today. I just want toThank all of the people that I have made friend's with and that have given my advice. Thank you guys for what u have helped me do and become.

So glad to hear of your improvements, Jaimie!  Also glad to hear that the folks here at Juvenation have helped you out.  :)  Keep up the great work!

Jaimie, that's wonderful -- we're so proud of you! You sound like a very mature person for 14. (:

Thanks Khendra and Sarah I was 14 last summer I turned 15 this last summer Thanks any ways

Wow. I am glad to hear that you have been able to get on top of your sugars.  That is amazing!! Juvenation has definitely helped me as well.  It's nice to be able to talk to people that understand where you are coming from and what you are going through. 

Yes Melinda, it is nice to talk to people that are going tought the same thing I am