What is going on?!?!

last year, i started wearing a pedometer and i lost about 10 pounds doing 10,000 steps a day. when the winter came, i gained the weight back. i've been trying to lose it again, the same exact way i did last year, but it's not working. also... the last time i saw my endo, she told me that i was borderline with a thyroid issue. i either need some advice on how to lose weight (i want to lose 20), or i've got a thyroid problem. im getting my blood test done soon, so we'll see what happens.  in the meantime... any good advice out there?? you guys are my best resource! no one else understands how difficult it is!

Fortunately, a thyroid issue is pretty easy to fix. I had 1/2 my thyroid removed about a year ago, and I just take one pill each day to keep my hormone levels in balance. Easy peasy... If your thyroid is underperforming, that will cause weight gain, so you probably want to get that taken care of.

If you're body gets used to a certain type of exercise, it is not as effective as it was the first time. I've been through this many times. I got pretty thin one time by exercising like crazy, but gained the weight back after I couldn't stand starving myself any longer, and then tried the same thing again but I never lost the weight again. I probably messed up my metabolism. I work out harder than ever (2-3 hrs per day) but I really can't lose any weight if my A1C is good =( 

I meant  'your' body