What is this mythical "honeymoon" phase?

I am 19, going into my 2nd year of college and I recently heard of the term ‘honeymoon phase’. As of now I control my diabetes with just Lantus once daily. I was just wondering if this once daily insulin injection thing is all part of the honeymoon phase or what? I don’t want to run into trouble or crash and burn with my diabetes once I get to college.


It sound like you are most likely in a honeymoon phase. You should talk to your doctor about it more. The best way to keep yourself from crashing and burning is to check often. Unfortunately there is no way to know exactly when your honeymoon is over. But with good control you will see trends right away. On the higher side where you can’t get it down for a days or even more than that. You will need to talk to your doctor to help you adjust your rates at that time. A good way to keep track is write everything you eat and what your blood sugars are daily. Hopefully this helps!