What is your basal rate set at?

My sugars have been quite a bit higher lately. I seem to be 99-130 all day and in the evening post meal 200-220. This is driving me nuts and I was wondering if anyone aout there has a highter basal rate for evening, and in general what basal rate people are on.

My basal rates vary quite a bit throughout the day, which is normal.  I had noticed that my sugars were low, as opposed to high, in the evenings, so instead of adjusting my basal, I changed my ratio (insulin:carb) for my evening meal.  That has helped a lot!

My basal rates vary throughout the day and go pretty low while I am sleeping. I also have a different rate I use for those certain times of the month when my sugars tend to run higher for a few days. My daughter also has a pump and she has different rates for different times of the day. that is the wonderful part about a pump.