What is your chest beeping?

I once was sitting in a library with a few of my friends (close guyfriends) and my pump started beeping from my bra telling me to check my blood sugar. All of my guyfriends looked at me funny and one of my best friends asked me what I had in there. I laughed and told them it was my insulin pump and they all looked kinda sheepish!!

Just thinking about it makes me smile!!!


And ladies, if you haven't used your bra for your pump, try it!! It is great!!!

-I've even had a diabetic guyfriend try on a bra for his pump :)     (He decided the bra was too uncomfortable!)

HAHAHA omg this has happened to me SOOOOOOO many times its unbelievable.

Some of my friends started thinking i was a robot or something because i always put my pump weird places.  It just always happens to beep or vibrate at the oddest times. haha.


i love this story.

rock on :D

That happens to me all the time also, exspecialy when i put it in my bra so noone will see it, those always seem to be the times that it will beep, or an alarm will go off, but when i look back it makes me laugh now.

It does seem to happen quite often, doesn't it!! Maybe the pumps are conspiring against us! :D

haha Same here!! All of my friends wonder why I where my pump up there (my mom hates it when I pull it out in public) But hey... I just tell them that its most comfortable up there. =]]

Totally agree!!!

ha ha that is so funny...what makes it funny is that it was a bunch of guys!

that's happened to me in school, but it was glowing and one of my friends at lunch was like laura ur pump is glowing and i just reached up my shirt and grabed it right when my other friend sat down....i got a strange look!

haha i can just picture it!