What is your daily basal insulin requirement?

I just thought I'd ask this question because I was told the  age has something to do with the daily basal requirement. My son is 9 and on pump therapy and requires 7.33 units a day?   I know asking the age is not appropriate, but for for those of you who don't mind, can you state your age and daily basal requirement?

If you wish not to state your age....it's ok.fine.... maybe say a range. i.e. age between 20-30 and basal 8.0



I'm 17 years old, and I use about 37 units of basal per day.

i'm 25 and use 44.50u of basal per day

30 years 12 units basal

I'm 25 and use 18.4u basal.

I'm 20 and I use 36u basal

I'm 24 and use 19U basal a day

HI IM 8 and I take 15.85u when im in school. and on weekends I take 17.85u

I use to seperate rates cuz im home I eat more.

28 and I use 24.65 units of Basal a day. You have to realize there are other factors that contribute to Basal, insulin resistence, size, and such so age is really nothing in the long run.

yep, brian, as well as exercise, the types of foods you eat, normal day-to-day stresses.... age is typically a starting point when just beginning to figure out basal rates, but a lot more goes into it in the end.

I'm 35 years old and my basals range from 9 to 12units.  (I use 3 different basal rates).

Yeah, I forgot excercise, I mean I know that affects things as well. Whoops.

I am 42 years old and I use 19.65 units a day (just Basal rate)

I've always heard that your weight and physical activity is bigger factor on basal rates than age.  Younger, more active children require much less than an older, more "relaxed" adults...  hope this helps

I'm 24 and I use 18.7u basal on my standard pattern, and 21.1 on my "other" pattern.

Hi!  I'm 26 and I use 27.25.

Hmmm.... After looking at all these numbers, there is really no pattern on age.  I think you have a point there Kristi.  I think the weight and physical activity plays more as the factor on basal rate.   I was almost afraid to ask for the age on this post.  I will certainly not ask the weight.  My son is very thin...weighs 68 lbs and is very active.  maybe that is why his basal is 7.7 daily.

thanks everyone

Sandra, there are may reasons for what a basal is. Size does play a factor in things. Someone like Happy Vegan who is older than me has a much lower basal than I do, because she has described herself as being childlike. So for someone who is at a growing stage of life you will have less of a Basal, as he grows, both in height and weight chances are you will see increased Basal needs. I lucked out that I started my pump when I had hit all of my growth. I just need to keep the rest of me the same now.

My basal is extremely low compared to everyone else. I'm 20 and have a basal of 3.5 in one day. But, I'm still in my honeymoon so that's why.

I'm 23 on MDI, my basal is 18-19 units every day (but I seriously doubt my Lantus really last 24 hours)

30.75 units/day at 17 years old