What is your meal plan?

I am curious as to what you all eat to keep your A1c at 5.0-6.0? Can you give me an example of your day?

Good question, Gina.  I want to know, too!  Do tell ladies!

I dont even have a meal plan. lol  I eat what i want when i want, but i make sure i take enough insulin to keep it under control and I wear a sensor that gives me real time blood sugars so i know if i havent taken enough or if my insulin resistance is up that day i can counter act it before it goes to high.   After all that my A1C's are in the 5s, normally before i was pregnant they were in the low 6.0s.  so its working.  

LOL  yesterday for breakfast i ate a giant bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, 2 peices of white toast with peanut butter and a tim hortons double chocolate doughnut and some tea for lunch, dinner i had a individual pizza and a fruit yougurt smoozie from Boston Pizza.  lol  But my sugars never went over 10.0.   Yep i'm not a good eater right now at the end of this pregnancy. lol  Its hard being hungry all the time!!!!