What is your perfect sugar level during exercise?

Hey.. I'm 14 and very athletic I play basketball about 6 times a week and my sugar isn't a;ways under control during bball practices. I dissconnect my pump right before practice without a bolus before. I check before I disconnect and my perfect level during exercise is probably 150-190 (when I play the best). Even without my pump in during bball and my sugar is 160 before basketball after running and doing some sprints my sugar will come all the way down to 60 within an hour.

What is your preffered sugar level while playing sports??

Does your sugar tend to go high or low while exercising??


I try to run or workout daily, not always the case but it usually happens. The best time for me is usually after I eat since I have all the carbs I need to work off anyway. My doctor suggested that when I do workout to set a temp. basal to about 50 - 60 % to cover the increased drain on the body. SHe also suggested to set the temp basal if possible to begin a half hour before the excercise and up to an hour after.

My ideal sugar for working out is around 130, that way I am confident that I will not push myself to hard or experience any major lows. After working out I tend to drop to below 80. However I find usually an hour or two post workout without eating or drinking anything my sugar tends to go high.

When i do sports, my sugar usually drops dramaticlly!!!!!:[ so to prevent it i will eat a fruit or drink some jucie, and it works. my sugar is usually around 80-100 after i do my sport....... TRY IT!!!!!

I also have had a lot of trouble with this.  I play basketball 6 times a week too. I know its hard trying to keep your sugars under control during practices and games and I still really struggle with this. For me my sugars usually have to be above 150 before practice or I drop low. Last year my sugars dropped a lot in practice but this year they seem to go high from adrenaline and stay high for about 1-2 hours after practice before crashing.  But what I use to do is always have gatorade or powerade with me and some glucose tablets that I could quickly take during a water break. Also what you eat before practice can really help. If you have like a peanut butter sandwhich 45-30mins before and then like an apple or bannana 15mins before it can help. Then if you dose just a small fraction of your normal dosage it could help. Good luck!



the type of exercise depends on how my sugars react. things like running cause them to drop but swimming causes them to rise (thought lately they've been dropping during practice)

I lift weights 4 – 5 times a week, usually in the afternoon after work.  If my BG is under 130, I eat about 20 grams of carbs right before I begin training.  If my BG is between 130 and 200, I’ll take a correction bolus before starting and eat my pre-workout protein bar as usual.  If my BG is over 200, I’ll either wait a few hours or skip the day entirely.  I disconnect my pump while I train, which never lasts for more than an hour.  When I’m done working out, I’ll check my BG again before bolusing for my post-workout protein shake.   If I stick to my routine and keep my heart rate up, my BG usually doesn’t change much during my workouts due to the carbs I take in prior to getting started.  When I train in the morning on weekends, I’ve found my insulin requirements are a bit more than I what I need in the afternoon.  I hope this helps.

i dance 3 days a week and then i dance around my room like a crazy all the time but i have my blood sugar above 200 so that i can just burn it off (gotta love power dancing and hip hop boot camp). so u should try having a snack and not give inslin but dont over do the snack because then u can end up high after u exercis.

i still haven't  found a perfect number for basketball even being 220 and under is a sure case of being low and if i go much higher i got to worry bout keytones and thoes things are a bain in the butt


my blood sugar runs high because of adrenline but my perfect sugar level is probably 150-180 during excersise.